July Fit Finds


Tape it up:
Ace bandages are so a few years ago. The newest pain relief support is called KT Tape, which is the first and only Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape available in convenient pre-cut strips. The tape is a high performance elastic athletic tape used for treating muscle and joint injuries. By lifting the skin and relieving pressure on pain transmitters, KT Tape provides muscle-pain relief and support without restricting motion. The product is so unique because it’s for anyone, athletes of all sports and levels and is the perfect item to keep in your backpack or gym bag for that unwelcomed injury or pain. I found KT Tape very effective for a recent foot injury from running. I applied it on the inner left side of my right foot where I recently strained some ligaments and found that the tape was easy to apply and took all the pressure off of that sensitive spot during my run. The tape worked much better than an ace bandage I had recently been using and since it promotes healing, I was not worried about the possibility of reinjury.

KT Tape comes with 20 precut strips attached to a 16′ roll which is enough tape for 10-20 applications and can last anywhere from 40-60 days depending on usage. You can wear KT Tape in the shower or pool and with fun colors like blue, pink, red and green, you might not want to take it off. KT Tape’s Web site is a great resource for video instructions and tips to apply the tape. Visit http://www.kttape.com to learn more and to find a retailer near you. In NYC, KT Tape is available at Sports Authority and Paragon Sports.

Flip for comfort:
After a workout sometimes I just want to rip my sneakers off and let my feet breathe. Whether you can agree or not, something we could all use this summer is a sandal that is both fashionable and comfortable. OKA b.’s Malia flip flops are just that, they are sandals that can be worn with a multitude of outfits, whether they are your post-wedding shoes, commute to work in shoes or like me, post-workout shoes, you really can’t go wrong. The sandal, as with all OKA b. sandals is 100% recyclable, waterproof, made in the USA and priced under $40.

OKA b. began with two basic styles, a slide and a thong, designed to feel like a spa shoe by integrating the principles of reflexology and ergonomics. Today the line has expanded to include dozens of styles and colors adorned with natural seashell, gemstones and ribbon, without compromising on comfort. Massage beads pamper the foot and promote good posture. OKA b.s are also made using a single piece of proprietary Microplast™ material and are antimicrobial, waterproof and washable. My personal favorite, the Malia, comes in fun metallic colors, has cute crystals and will definitely be your new summer staple.

Visit http://www.shoesthatloveyou.com to learn more about the unique company and to buy yourself a pair of OKA b.’s today.

A Skinny story:
It seems no one wants to drink just “regular” water these days, as supped up versions are popping up all over. Since I’m usually against drinking my days worth of calories to hydrate, I tend to stay away from the sugary, electrolyte pumped waters, yet it just so happens that my prayers have been answered for a zero calorie, zero sugar, zero preservative water, and its called Skinny Water.

Skinny Water provides you with a convenient, accessible and flexible way to get the water and nutrients needed each day. The idea behind Skinny Water is that when you experience how much better you feel when you get more nutrients and hydration, you will likely seek out additional sources of good nutrition and better health practices. The Skinny Water flavor is from natural flavors found in fruits and vegetables. There is ZERO sugar in Skinny Water and they use a very small amount of Sucralose and Ace-K as sweeteners.

The fun, fruity flavors of Skinny Water include:

• Wakeup: A blend of Orange, Cranberry and Tangerine, containing Vitamin C, Calcium and Potassium.

• Total-V: A blend of Lemonade and Passion fruit, containing Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 + C and Vitamin A.

• Crave Control: A blend of Raspberry and Pomegranate, containing Key Metabolizers, like EGCG.

• Shape: A Goji Fruit punch, containing vitamins D-Ribose, L-Leucine and L-Valine.

• Hi-Energy: A blend of Acai, Grape an Blueberry, containing Acai Extract, Guarana, Ginseng, L-Carnitine and Vitamins B3, B6, B12.

• XXX Detox: A blend of Peach, Mango and Mandarin, containing Hesperidine and antioxidants.

Visit http://www.skinnywater.com to learn more and to purchase it online for your home or office. Skinny Water is also available at Target, ShopRite and Stop & Shop.

Just spray it:
Unglamorous to say the least, but chaffing is a common part of many grueling workouts and can lead to a less than pleasant feeling afterwards. I had my worst “friction” incident after a half marathon in which my v-neck shirt left me with awful, painful cuts on my chest/neck. It has since healed but I’m now careful to spray any such areas with a skin lubricant beforehand, my new favorite being TRISLIDE. TRISLIDE is an innovative anti-friction, anti-chafing product in a continuous spray that provides unbeatable ease, comfort and freedom of movement in competition, training or just your everyday workouts.

Other skin lubricants that are packaged in roll-ons or sticks can contribute to bacteria build-up, and so TRISLIDE is more sanitary as it sprays on evenly with one press to render a silky emollient feel to skin. Some common uses for TRISLIDE are to prevent blistering on runners’ feet, general chafing from shorts and certain tops, as well as for easy entry into wetsuits. TRISLIDE is easy to use, safe to share, fragrance-free, will not stain clothes, will not melt or crumble, and lasts on the skin for hours (simple soap and water will rinse off the product).

TRISLIDE is available in over 650 outlets, sporting goods chains and specialty stores nationwide. Visit http://www.triswimbeauty.com for more information and to find a store near you that sells the product.

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