Keeping Summer Boredom at Bay for Girls


If your daughter is restless at home this summer, here are some new items to keep her engaged and a plethora of new books for her to discover. Use all of these lazy summer days to experiment and expand her mind.

Make Your Own Gummies Kit With Seaweed by Food For Thought is a fun activity, and all you need is a stove or microwave. The ingredients come in little packets that you simply mix following easy instructions. The ingredients include sour mix, colored and flavored sugar, seaweed, molding starch. They taste really yummy and the girls will be proud of their creation. Gummies Kit is part of an inventive series that uses the raw materials of different parts of the world to teach children about other cultures. Check out the whole line of Glee Kits like Chewing Gum Kit and Chocolate Kit at

Kimochis are small pillows with a feeling such as happy, hurt, sorry, uncomfortable written on it. In Japanese, Kimochis mean “feelings”. Each character in The Kimochi Doll Collection comes with a pocket where kids can store their “kimochis” or feelings. Using the characters and their “Kimochis”, your child will find it easier to express her emotions through play and puppetry without shame or embarrassment. The collection of Kimochis also includes a make-your-own feeling face with a washable pen. There are also bandages to soothe the wounds of the Kimoshi Doll when it gets bossy and needs to calm its hurt feelings. Apart from being an adorable collection, the Kimochi dolls are an ingenious way to teach children not to hide how they feel from their parents and to boost confidence through healthy communication. When kids can communicate their feelings they develop better character. The Kimochis is the first step to teach children the real integrity of being able to express feelings peacefully and honestly, and avoid the denial and pretense that may make children, and later on adults, so unhappy. Check them all at

Little girls love to make up their faces, but you probably don’t want them rummaging through your purse to use your expensive lipsticks and glosses. Why not get them a collection of All Natural Make Up Sticks by Whoops Bunny that can be used just like real glosses. Made out of beeswax, castor oil, coconut oil, grape juice and red raspberry extract, the make up sticks are produced by using the energy of wind power, a fact your planet hugging daughter will love.

Check it out at

To accompany her pretty face, why not add a delightful Tween Bling, made for girls and designed by girls. Tween Bling Jewelry was designed by Alice and Julia, two creative tween girls who only use materials that are safe for children to put in their mouth or chew on. The silicone of the pendant is chemical free, devoid of latex, lead, BPAs, PVCs or phthalates. Check the whole line for an assortment of colors and designs. Let your girl be inspired by Alice and Julia and start her own line of creations too. Go girl!

Made with brown rice, syrup and cane juice, Queasy Pop Kids are tasty and natural lollipops for upset stomach, nausea or just for any occasion when you feel like a pop. There is no corn syrup and no additives. Choose between the different natural flavors of Natural Cola, Sour Raspberry, Cinnamon, Sour Lemon, Peppermint, Papaya or Green Apple. These are ideal for car rides and after meals.

Dear Baby, It Is A Colorful World, the third book by Carol Casey and illustrator Jason Oransky in the Dear Baby Books Series, is a picture book that introduces your child to colors through the eyes of a group of spirited toddlers. After going through all the colors they know the toddlers are invited to identify the different colors people have. What if everyone and everything was the same color? Lucky world, the toddlers say, that there is so much diversity of color in people and everything to make the world so rich and interesting. This is a joyful invitation to introduce your toddler to a positive understanding of the significance of diversity in appearance and culture. For toddlers. Check out the whole series at

Chippy Chipmunk, Parties in the Garden by Kathy M. Miller is a delightful book based on photographs taken by the author as a Chipmunk went about her own garden. Bluebirds, cardinals, a cottontail rabbit, a squirrel, a couple of turtles become participants in the little drama that takes place before the author’s camera. Your child will follow with curiosity the events in the life of this intrepid chipmunk whether it is looking for food or staying alert for signs of predators. She will identify with its fears and anxieties and enjoy seeing how it solves the little problems of its life successfully. The author captures originally the wonderment of the natural realm and the photographs are both intriguing and remarkable in their ability to follow the chipmunk through his ordeal.

1-2-3 Draw Princesses by Freddie Levin will teach your daughter how to draw princesses by using simple steps from sketch to finish. You are first shown basic shapes to look for and reproduce in any Princess or Queen, King, Castle, Tiara, Hat, Wand, Carriage, Horse or Prince. After mastering basic shapes, your daughter will learn to draw several famous historical princesses such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Princess of France, Nes Amun, Princess of Ancient Egypt, Jahanara, Princess of India, Nzinga, Princess of Africa and read a little summary of their life. Drawing the princesses will help your daughter make those stories her own and be introduced to the complexity of history and art. The instructions are easy to follow and will make this exercise a fun activity to fill with pride the most timid artist. Order your copy at

Not all girls go for princesses. Many love the bold physical challenges of the wild just like boys (just as some boys would rather be princesses if they could!). Dinosaurs On The Move by Cathy Diez-Luckie takes your dinosaur fan through all the different species of dinosaurs, such as the allosaurus, ankylosaurus, baryonyx or brachiosaurus. After reading about their lives, your child can cut the shapes and attach them to one another with mini brads according to a system of letters to match the different pieces. This book will keep your little one busy by cutting, organizing and putting together a very colorful collection of her favorite animals. Learn more about Figures In Motion’s award winning activity books at

A great book for bedtime or a for a lazy summer day, A Most Vivid Day written and illustrated by Justin Young tells the story of a little bat, Tommy, who only knows black. One day instructed by a caterpillar that there are more colors he stays up all night to catch the sun rise and discover all the colors. The sun is a painter who gives colors to every living thing in the world every day. When he asks the bat what color he would like to be, the bat says red but the sun is out of that color and goes off to get a fresh pot of red paint. Tommy would like the animals to share their colors with him but they refuse. When a cloud asks the animals to share their colors with him, they refuse also. Seeking revenge the cloud pours rain on them. They lose their colors but Tommy convinces the cloud to stop the rain and let a rainbow of all the colors form against it. Tommy reconciles everyone and to thank him the animals share their colors with him and the sun makes him his assistant-painter. He paints every thing red but fortunately the moon comes out and turns everything black for the night. A charming imaginative story that will make your child wonder at the day and night’s mysteries and understand the necessity to resolve conflicts peacefully and diplomatically.

For kids of all ages; available in bookstores everywhere.

You Can Cook by Annabel Karmel is a delightful introduction to cooking for kids that will teach your kids how to master basic cooking skills. Your kids first learn about kitchen safety and hygiene rules, what kitchen equipment is important, the necessity to eat in a healthy way with a right balance of fruits and vegetables. Cooking is introduced through very basic steps such as how to boil eggs, make scrambled eggs, managing an omelet successfully, how to make toast using a broiler rather than a toaster. Crepes, pancakes, sandwiches are then broken down into different easy steps followed by wraps, pear and plum crumble. The book introduces more and more sophisticated recipes so that by the end of the summer your little chef could very well end up a real cordon bleu

With these books, dolls, jewelry, pops and make up your daughter will be able to fill the lazy summer days with new activities to keep engaged and sharp.

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