Ladies, Hang Up Your Hats

Though this winter has started off on a rather mild foot, we’ve got a few more months of the cold, snowy season ahead of us.

And though many of us would rather freeze than pull out our old knit caps, we found that hats have upped the ante this season. Check out this one from Helen Kaminski that is sure to win you over – blizzard or not.


You’re probably thinking, “sure it’s cute, but I don’t wear hats.” That’s probably because your bad childhood memories of dented, frizzy hair are holding you back. But “hat head” doesn’t have to ruin your day any longer. There’s help out there, and we’ve tracked down some answers for you.

Start with a good shampoo. I’m a fan of Phillip B’s Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo. It soothes a dry, itchy scalp and is made from natural ingredients. You hair will not smell or feel like it’s been washed medicine either.


Follow this up with a smoothing conditioner that will soften hair and tame frizz. I tried ISO’s Tamer Condition. ISO (Innovative Styling Solutions) also makes a line for curly hair – made with a bounce back polymer.

After the shower, try a softening spray such as Shea Spray by Hamadi. It is smooth enough to push down fly-away hairs without making your hair sticky or greasy.

Next, before blowdrying, add an anti-frizz crème such as Collective Wellbeing’s Enemy of Frizz or Phyto’s Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm. Both smooth hair and add shine. This will prepare your hair to go undercover.

If you’re on the go, grab your Fekkai Seasonal Haircare, Winter Hair Anti-Hat-Head Styling Compact. This handy little number doubles as a compact, and includes a smoothing wax, and a lifting wax. Fekkai also offers an Anti-Static Weightless Mist that tames static on the fly.


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