Lana Turner and Tuberose:
How to Smell Like a Blonde Bombshell

Lana Turner didn’t have any speaking lines in her first film, 1937’s They Won’t Forget, yet the world would always remember her. The 16-year-old brunette strutted down the streets in a pencil skirt and skintight sweater, instantly launching her rise to stardom. With the help of a glamorous makeover, “the sweater girl,” who was discovered sipping on a soda at an ice cream parlor, quickly became Hollywood’s next blonde bombshell. Turner was one of MGM’s finest for 17 years and had a love life made for soap operas, ensuring that she would always make headlines. When the reigning actress passed away at age 74 in 1995, she had appeared in over 50 films. Today, she is still a beauty icon, all thanks to her adoration for a petite, yet captivating white flower. According to her hairdresser Eric Root, she ordered Tuberose by Mary Chess by the case! Although her signature scent has been discontinued, you can still add a touch of Turner in your life with these luscious tuberose perfumes. The postman won’t need to ring twice, he’ll be rushing inside your home just for a whiff!

Turner’s stage name, which pays tribute to her famous tight sweater, translates to “wool” in Spanish, so it only makes sense that we include a fragrance with a Latin flair. Querida, by Olympia-based Wiggle Perfume, is a perfect gift for a beau to give his beloved for any special occasion. Unlike usual tuberose scents, this perfume oil smells on the sweet side, as if one were inhaling liquid cotton candy. However, it’s actually a yummy blend of dulce de leche, powdery carnation, and a touch of spicy mahogany to even out its candied notes. Not only can Querida’s boudoir packaging easily dazzle up any lady’s bedroom, but its lasting power is just like Turner’s beauty: timeless.

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It seems like every famous person is endorsing a scent nowadays, so when pop superstar Rihanna announced that she was going to join the perfume bandwagon we weren’t impressed-until we smelled her latest creation. Reb’l Fleur. Named after a childhood nickname, it’s a tropical variation of the dominant tuberose. Those who’re hesitant to make the powerful flower part of their wardrobe will be pleased to know that Reb’l Fleur has more of a Barbados spirit. It opens up with juicy red berries and purple plums, quickly transforming into a mix of tuberose, coconut water, and Hawaiian flora. While it dries down to a musky vanilla, Reb’l Fleur is more sexy than sugary. And if there’s one thing that Turner knew how to do was make an entrance.

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What would a Ziegfeld Girl roaming the streets of Paris at night with a dashing leading man wear? Chances are she’ll leave behind a cloud of Nuit de Tubereuse by L’Artisan Parfumeur. While this enchanting aroma is woodsy and slightly masculine, rest assure, it’s all woman. When its champagne-hued drops land on the skin, expect a sudden burst of ripe mangoes that easily takes over a theater. While its primary note is tuberose, its medley of spicy cloves, zesty pink peppers, and refreshing orange blossoms takes it down a notch. Nuit de Tubereuse will fade throughout the evening without ever leaving your side, which means less is more! Turner’s signature tuberose easily put men under her spell and with this French creation, you can do the same.

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Turner was undoubtedly a red-blooded woman who mastered the art of seduction, and we have a feeling her golden locks played a major role. Like most Hollywood bombshells, she wasn’t shy about admitting her love for men, so when it came to discovering a modern tuberose scent, we knew it had to be just as flirtatious and a white hot blonde! The result is Tubereuse-2 Virginale, part of the tuberose trilogy from French fragrance house Histoires de Parfums. One sniff reveals a innocent mix of ruby red cherries and sun kissed mandarin oranges ready to be savored. However, it suddenly becomes a deep and sensual bouquet of blooming Tahitian tiare flowers, soothing jasmines, and mature tuberoses ready to be plucked. Before you’re swept away to a Hollywood premiere in true Turner style, Tubereuse-2 Virginale quiets down to more creamy vanilla and blonde wood. In short, it’s like dabbing yourself with an aphrodisiac. We doubt any siren would say no to that.

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