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Advice on V-Day: the Pretty and the Sexy

The pursuit of beauty never dies. It’s a pastime common and alive in us all, regardless of surrounding social, political or economic climates. When beloved holidays come around, we have an even better excuse to revel in a sea of new products – especially when that holiday is all about gifts for girls. All you men reading out there – warning: the following infor will be all about how to pamper your favorite female and one of her most beloved assets; her hair. If you are not prepared to shower her in gifts…well…good luck to you. And for those of us ladies who will not be getting bathed in chocolates and flowers and bath soaps by a beau, not to worry. There’s no harm in treating yourself to some of these fun and useful red and Valentine’s Day-friendly supplies. After all, the best addition to a girl’s night in is a few girl-friendly baubles to share with the crew.

Refresh Your Redhead-ed-ness – Naturally
Redheads have an advantage on Valentine’s Day: they’re already dressed for the occasion. But there’s no harm in amping up the vibrancy of your rosy locks. Advanced Cosmetic Technologies, available through, introduced a new line of hair color that’s allowing you to do just that, guilt free. The company claims to have the industry’s first and only paraphenylene diamine (PPD)-free, 100 percent plant-based permanent hair color. The color products are vegan, plant-based, cruelty and PPD-free. With the use of trademarked technology and super-pure plant dyes, this company has surpassed “green,” it’s herbivorous.

Health Conscious Fruit Hair-apy for a Budget-Friendly V-Day
If you or your lady friend are into lifting weights – or just generally fitness conscious – this new line of shampoo and conditioner might raise your brow. The new Vitamin Renewing Pomegranate Blackberry shampoo and conditioner – accessible and inexpensive at major drug stores – come in a bright red bottle that looks sort of like a dumbbell, but not nearly as heavy. Open the lid to get a whiff of this fruity concoction, which happens to be chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, proteins and essential oils. Fruits infused into this product include pomegranate, blackberry and guava. It’s also full of yogurt proteins. Recharge your locks with this delicious treat.

For Your Man; He Needs Some Love Too
Somehow it always seems more difficult to buy an appropriate gift for your man on Feb. 14th. For girls it’s easy – just show us a box of Godiva and a dozen roses and we’ll melt in your arms. But men…well, it’s tricky to buy something that’s not too girly on this all-too girly holiday. American Crew is helping us out with their special edition Romance Gift Set (available at several major salons; see for salon locations) is adequately Valentine’s Day-decadent, but also very functional; the perfect man’s gift. It comes complete with shampoo, gel and shaving cream – and for that special day, it packs in a limited-edition massage oil.

Adventure Lovers, Get Ready for LOVE and FUN
This is a new one for us. We’ve seen some crazy things in our day, but we didn’t think we’d live to see the day when the famous Sex and the City episode where Samantha dies her “hair down there,” became a reality. Betty Beauty has taken that very idea and made it into a product that may be controversial, but sure is fun. Their hair dye is specifically formulated for the hair that’s…well…not on your head. And in its special bright pink hue called FUN it makes for a hilarious (or perhaps sexually enticing, depending on your personality) Valentine’s treat. Or you can go for a more subdued but no less exciting change with the LOVE set – a red shade. Both come with special heart-shaped stencils to make the experience even more “stimulating.” All sets are available at

Go Big or Go Home
If you’re going out the night of the 14th – be it with a lover or solo style – you might as well make your look big. Either for yourself, your man or the guy at the bar, a stand-out look is never a bad thing. So after you’ve got your style picked out, set it in place with Fat Hair Hairspray by SAMY, available at major retailers like Target. This spray holds like no other. Curl it, straighten it, pin it – whatever you like – it’s sure to stay all night with this great product.

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