Love is in Your Hair


The last thing you need on Valentine’s Day is a bad hair day. With the help of Elaine Mitchell, the creative director at Vidal Sassoon Uptown, we took the liberty of putting together a quick and easy hair guide to ensure that you’ll have the best possible do for your big date. When all’s said and done, your personality won’t be the only thing he’s lovin.

If You’re Going to Blow it Out, Book It Now

Blow-outs are more common these days than ever and salons are already booking up for February 14. If you know you’re going on out for a fab dinner with your beau or hitting the town with your single gal pals, a blow out is your safest bet for guaranteed gorgeous hair. Your hair will be smooth, straight (or curly, however you like to have it blown) and might even carry you though the week. Have your stylist smooth it out with a flat iron and use a high gloss spray for a nice finish and added shine.

Take Advantage of the Golden Globes and Chose the Right Do for Your Face

Maybe you’d like an up-do like Katherine Heigl’s or big romantic curls like Jennifer Hudson? Luckily Hollywood just inundated us with a slew of new hairstyles (some good, some not worth replicating). If you’re looking for a polished, glamorous look, then look no further than what the celebs wore the night of the Globes. And while Vivica may (or may not have pulled off the afro – the jury’s still out on that one) be able to take her hair to extreme heights, you might not be as lucky. Elaine reminds women to take their face shape into consideration when selecting a style. A good rule of thumb is to keep it soft and simple and avoid severe styles that pull all hair away from the face.

You Can Do It!

If you don’t have the time to book an appointment or want to spend the cash to get your hair professionally done, you can always do it yourself. If you keep it fresh, simple and loose, you’ll look great. Wash and dry hair as usual and make sure you have the appropriate styling tools such as a curling iron, Velcro rollers, fine bobby pins that match the color of your hair, hairspray and a hair tie. Elaine recommends a classic chignon knot for most hair types. Just gather hair into a loose, low ponytail at the nape of your neck and split it in half. Take one section, twist it under the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin and do the same with the other section. Run open palms down the crown of your head toward your forehead to encourage pieces to fall in front of the face or down to the side. Add a little spray and you’re ready to go.

Elaine also believes the more carefree your style appears the sexier your hair looks. Curl hair with Velcro rollers for volume and pull into a loose ponytail. Haphazardly twist the ponytail and secure it to the back of the head for a tussled, sexy look. If you want volume and big romantic curls, set hair in Velcro rollers and follow by using the appropriate size iron. Girls with thicker hair should use a smaller iron for tighter curls while those with thinner hair should use a bigger barrel.

Less Is More

Regardless if you or your stylist is doing your hair, avoid product overload at all costs. You don’t want hair to be sticky or crunchy. A little mouse for volume and spray to keep it in place is all you need. Also avoid the “prom-do” look by creating soft, bouncy curls instead of tight, perfectly-placed ringlets. You want your hair to be touchably soft and smooth incase he just has to run his fingers through it!

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