Love Notes

Whether handwritten and stored in a special box, or encrypted in emails, nothing stirs the heart like a love letter. From your special one, a love note is more than just a message.

This Valentine’s Day, we selected scents whose very names include the most powerful word we know and —LOVE!


His notes are postmarked from all over the world: Love in White, from CREED, now offers a bath and body collection. Luxury Soap, Hair and Body Wash and Body Lotion, recently debuted in this award winning fragrance. Love in White symbolizes the brilliant sensation of traveling the globe; using ingredients from exotic lands: Orange zest from Southern Spain, white jasmine from the Italian Coast, and daffodil from the French Riviera, Sandalwood from Mysore India, young iridescent rice husk from Tonkin, and iris from Egypt, Magnolia from the Guatemalan Mountains and vanilla from the Island of Java. One problem with this traveling man, letters are about all you get regularly!

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His love notes quote Byron and Browning: Your man’s notes are sheer poetry and romance; your fragrance is Beautiful Love by Estee Lauder. Lush magnolia blossom, rich white jasmine, mango mist, heliotrope and vetiver all captured within an elegantly sculpted Grecian Urn, I mean, bottle.

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His notes are layered with hidden meanings: Philosophy’s Falling In Love Three Piece Layering Set is a deceivingly demure floral fragrance that intensifies with layering. This soft blend of vanilla, soft florals and ripe berries goes on sweet and dries down sexy.

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He doesn’t write notes, too risky: His text messages arrive via his second blackberry; it sounds like you both are Beyond Love: prohibited by Kilian, and caught up in carnal and clandestine encounters. Slightly minty and cool at its beginning; this scent heats up to an uninhibited and heady floral in a matter of minutes. When classic tuberose meets dirty musk…double bolt the door.

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His notes are shy and innocent: With Love…Hilary Duff Fragrance Roller Ball and Lip Gloss Duo is an expression of puppy love! Exotic fruits add a sparkle to this effervescent, oriental fragrance. The peachy pink lip gloss perfects your pucker for that first kiss.

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His notes are spontaneous and unexpected: I Love Love ! for Women by Moschino is for the woman in love with a man who adores life. An exuberant blend of bright, sparkling citrus top notes colored by feminine flowers and soothing cinnamon leaves, musk, and rich woods, it seduces the senses with a soft, breezy sensation like no other.

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He doesn’t write notes, but who cares: Neither one of you need words when you light The Rare Love Candle and pply The Rare Love Body Balm by BURN , by Robin Coe-Hutshing, (the owner of Studio at Fred Segal, Santa Monica and the creator of Memoire Liquide Boutiques) is the Love Potion #9 of our Love Notes selections. The long burning candle and the luscious balm smell good enough to eat and include yummy notes of mayan cacao abslolute, aromatic ceylon cinnamon bark and madagascar vanilla bean.

BURN Rare Love Balm, is a sensuous all over ultra emollient body balm enriched with pure cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil. To be applied daily and nightly with reckless abandon.

The BURN Rare Love Candle may not last 9 ½ weeks, but it will last for 150 hours. That’s six days and four hours of burning love.

Available at and at Studio at Fred Segal, Santa Monica.

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