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I am naturally an introvert so when I’m out and about, I often mask my thoughts and feelings but when it comes to downtime in the privacy of my cocoon, I love restoring my thin skin with an all natural mask. I learned this replenishing technique from my mother who would put her feet up with a good book and wear egg on her face: the yolk for moisturizing, the white for firming.

Recently, I celebrated happy hour at home with a nice glass of anti-oxidant grape polyphenols, in this case a Spanish Garnacha, and on my face and neck, a thick layer of Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Cream Mask for dry skin. I was surprised to read that this product, made with grape-seed oil, is suitable for the eye area. I have sensitive skin and often get puffy-eyed from rich products, however this mask soothed, moisturized and hydrated. After 15 minutes, rather than rinsing off the subtle scent of blue basket flower, coriander, vetiver and sandalwood, I massaged in the excess and used it as a night cream. I awoke the next morning radiant, my eyes noticeably smoothed. Cheers to this ultra-moisturizing mask that makes the most of the fruits of the vine; my skin drank it up.

Availability: Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at The Plaza and

Though Elemental Herbology’s Biodynamic Facial Soufflé sounds like a dessert whipped up by a student of molecular gastronomy on Top Chef, it works like a dream. The rose scent is warm, seductive, instantly relaxing. In addition to rose damask, ingredients include marine collagen and calendula. I was amazed to see that within moments my skin had absorbed this rich mask. I often forget that I have a body part called the décolleté and therefore, I neglect it. The mask promises intensive hydration and my delicate décolleté, previously parched, is now smooth enough to flaunt in something seriously low-cut. Due to its vanishing act, it can be slathered on as an in-flight mask just before boarding. As you soar, your skin hydrates; when you land, you will be glowing.

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Calme Essentials is not only great for traveling – it comes in a thin, packable pouch – but effective when it comes to hydrating your moneymaker in minutes. It’s thin as a sheet and comes cut to fit the contours of your face. Apply it, unpack and before room service arrives, you’ll be smooth, radiant and quenched from this relaxing cocktail of plant-based collagen, aloe and extracts of green tea and mulberry root. The fragrance is subtle, the consistency is un-gooey and any residue is easy to massage in and is then quickly absorbed. This cutting-edge calmer not only comes precisely pre-measured but also contains a healthy hit of Vitamin D.


Next time you need to mask any creases or crankiness, consider the power of nature to feed your face.

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