Men in Hibernation


Here are things that men will love in the dead of winter, especially when the wind chill factor dictates ordering in food and losing yourself in the home entertainment system or a good book.

Speaking of good books, Headlock: Chronicles of a Psychiatrist’s Son by Eugene Rubin is so engrossing and hilarious that you’ll forget about the time as you guffaw out loud. Any guy who has suffered through high school gym class, wrestling, college applications, ill-fated high school crushes, a narcissistic best friend, a germ phobia, an imposing father, and the mystery of sex will appreciate this funny, candid and insightful memoir. Download the first three chapters for free at, and enjoy the blog as well.

You always seem to be in need of black socks, but how dull is it to shop for them? No need to – now high quality socks can be delivered directly to your doorstep on a regular basis, thanks to Choose your preference and then three or four times a year, Italian socks will appear at your doorstep. Styles include calf, business light, ski styles, cashmere silk, knee and athletic. Step into the future with a sockscription — more than one million pairs have been sold.

Remington’s PG360 8-in-1 Grooming System ensures that when you do venture out, you’ll be impeccably well-groomed. The kit includes everything you need: a wide trimmer for sharp lines, fine trimer for detailed styling, large combs with 16 lengths for greater versatility, and a sleek charging stand. Find it a Kohl’s, Amazon and

Harness the potent power of the goat with the Alabu soap line, which is particularly needed in winter’s harsh climate. Men’s soaps and other products include 100% farm fresh goat’s milk (no powdered milk, like some other ignoble brands). This soap with integrity is ideal for people with soap allergies, skin conditions, and for dry or chapped skin. February marks Alabu’s 10th year in business, so 25% is automatically taken off of all orders in February to celebrate. Visit

If your hands work hard by jump-starting dead batteries, hanging pictures, re-flooring your country house or hanging from ledges outside of your married lover’s window, you’ll appreciate the On The Job line. On The Job is billed as “skin repair for guys who don’t think about skin care,” and that says it all. Check out to choose what you need.

When winter is over, or when you do venture out, smell terrific with Zegna Colonia by Ermenegildo Zegna, which is comprised of Sicilian bergamot, neroli, cardamom, iris, violet, galbanum, musk, benzoin and cedar. Find it a fine department stores and at

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