Merci, Monsieur Mugler


He didn’t leave us skin care aficionados out when creating his latest fragrance and beauty products. In the new Mirror Collection by Thierry Mugler, Monsieur Mugler has added a couple of skin care products so that mirror mirror on the wall really means that being the fairest of them all is not just about pretty pink lips or smelling like a princess, but is about beautiful skin too.


The Tightening Face Cream for daytime uses is an innovative product that is used over, rather than under, foundation. Simply dab the cream lightly on the areas that need to be lifted and voila! This translucent gel works to firm and mattify your complexion and complement your Mugler foundation so that you get the compliments on your radiant complexion!


For a Nuit Divine (divine night), sleep with Monsieur Mugler all night and wake up in the morning with skin that’s energized and supple. The Face Plumping Mask smoothes wrinkles, plumps up skin and brightens the complexion. One of the key ingredients, Acacia micro-spheres lodge in wrinkles and fine lines, and like tiny sponges, swell and plump the skin as they absorb moisture, then release this moisture back into the skin for continuous hydration. The thick creamy mask paints on nicely with the cute little brush that comes with it.

Products available as of this month at Bloomingdales and

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