Metro Moms Can Turn Green

It’s a new year, a time when we all try to make positive changes in our lives – get that bikini body back (or, for the first time) take vitamins, make more time for you and your hubby. Where does “saving the environment” fall on your resolution list?

In 2007, it’s easier than ever to meld mommy duty with “green” fiend, thanks to companies like miYim. miYim manufactures organic toys made from cotton that contain no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. miYim’s untreated, unbleached and unprocessed stuffed animals are available in four different collections, from storybook characters to puppet theatre animals. Visit their Brooklyn store or website:

Busy parents can breath a sigh of relief now that HAPPYBABYTM’s line of fresh, frozen organic baby meals are available practically everywhere, including Whole Foods Markets, Gourmet Garage, Sherry’s and Fresh Direct. Not only does the company provide your young one with only 100% natural ingredients, but HAPPYBABYTM also partners with Project Peanut Butter to help feed children in Malawi with every purchase of its product. For more information, visit

Bottles and drinking cups are also going green. BornfreeTM claims its natural baby products are a “safer alternative for your baby” due to the plastic it utilizes, which is not only detergent resistant but also Bisphenol A-free (a polycarbonate that is considered potentially harmful to babies and the environment). If those two facts alone don’t move you, BornfreeTM bottles also utilize an innovative air vent system to reduce vacuum, and therefore the risk of gas, colic and middle ear infection -something every parent is sure to support. Available at Whole Foods and online at:

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