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No darling, this isn’t that kind of skin TV! This is TV skincare…you know, “Our operators are standing by”. So stop snickering and dig into those designer bags, break out that gold, platinum or black card and start shopping, right from your couch. Probably, most of us don’t shop a la plasma and proudly state that we prefer Sephora, Saks, or Bloomie’s. But it’s time to erase those images of Ginsu knives and “crystal” knick-knacks that only Grandma would love. Now, TV shopping has gone upscale, especially when it comes to skin care. What shopping on TV lacks in the traditional store advantage of touching, testing and sampling, it makes up by producing engaging shows with lots of Before & After examples and How-to lessons, though personally, I could live without the endorsements from Sally from Idaho whose life has changed because of an eye cream. Though I asked, the two big shopping channels didn’t supply me any sales figures so I guess they were up to their eyelashes in orders, thanks to “buy now” incentives, value pricing, auto-delivery, innovative purchasing options, and special ordering bonuses. Nevertheless, my ever-so-willing testers and I instantly fell in love with some of these elixirs.

Beautiful skin in just three easy payments……

The Borba Atomizer Linen, Face and Body Reviving Mist not only refreshes your skin, but supplies anti-oxidant and anti-microbial benefits with each spritz. Mangosteen is an exotic fruit known for its anti-microbial benefits, which rid acne causing bacteria. The added benefits of vitamin E and cucumber extract help moisturize and revitalize. Spray the mist on your sheets for an around the clock beauty treatment. Its sweet almond scent lulled me to sleep one night and a spritz on my face after an all-nighter woke me right up one morning! You won’t find this Borba product in Macy’s or Sephora because it’s exclusive to QVC for until the end of the year only.

You remember the phrase, “Who shot J.R.?” Victoria Principal, who played Pamela Barnes Ewing on the hit TV show, Dallas, does. She’s a two time Golden Globe recipient, author and skincare “expert”, who wants to get you ready for your close-up. I tried the Principal Secret Advanced 90 Day System and loved the results. Its time-released delivery system contains papain extract, a powerful exfoliator, vitamin B5 and K, and anti-oxidants vitamin A, C and E that replenish the skin lipids beneath the surface. The Advanced Gentle Deep 4-in-1 Cleanser, Advanced EyeSaver Gel and Advanced Continuous Moisture SPF 8 made my skin and eye area toned and super-hydrated. The system also comes with Advanced Gentle Deep Revitalizing Scrub and Advanced Gentle Enzyme Treatment that slough away dead cells to reveal a polished glow. It adds up to $209 if bought separately, but TV selling Is all about increasing the buy and so the whole kit and caboodle is available on QVC for $89.95, As an added, promotion, QVC promises surprise bonus items if you sign up for automatic shipments. or for more information.

Tova’s husband, actor Ernest Borgnine, called her homemade Cactine formulation “Face lift in a jar” during an interview and Tova skincare was born. Cactine is the ‘it’ ingredient in the products and is a derivative of cacti, that retains and supplies moisture. The Cactine Facial Masque also contains rice starch extract that removed impurities from my skin. After rinsing, my face felt smooth and squeaky clean. I used it once a week and followed with either Cactine Emollient or Skin Renual Cream, depending on the time of day. The emollient should be applied sparingly, especially on oily skin; this highly concentrated salve is great for dry, rough areas and the renual cream is a night repair formula that I and my sis-in-law loved. After applying, our faces felt tighter, smoother and looked radiant. The Tova Fragranced Body Soufflés contain meadowfoam seed oil and cottonseed oil that leave skin silky smooth. Everyone that tried it enjoyed the rich, soft, fast absorbing formula and how good it makes the skin feel. My favorite soufflé scent is the Tova Nights (She won the prestigious “FiFi” award from the fragrance foundation for this one); its very light and seductive. Tova is available on QVC.

Dr. Adrienne Denese’s list of credentials earns her the right to wear a lab coat, unlike others that use it to sell the “seriousness” of their skincare, but she doesn’t need to. Tune into a Dr. Denese show on QVC, her 50- something flawless skin is enough proof to make you dial the 800 number and order everything in stock. One of our BN editors, who only uses “high end department store skin care” hesitantly put them away to test Dr. D’s skincare and was pleased. She tested the Derma Clean BHA Cleanser, Pore Refining Toner and Night Recovery Cream. After a week her skin was refreshed, pores smaller and her face hydrated. The cleanser contains beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) for ultimate moisturization and the toner is a blend of rosehip, citrus, chamomile and other essentials to clarify, tone and calm skin. Both supply a hearty dose of Co-Q10, vitamins A, E, and D to protect against free radicals that cause damage and aging. The night cream is also rich in anti-oxidants with advanced nanoencapsulated oligopeptides.(say that fast after a margarita!) The elegant doctor seems to have gathered a lot of devoted users. Learn more about the products on the blog and forum at

Grapes aren’t just for eating and drinking anymore. They’re an essential part in M.Asam’s classic and mature skincare lines. Grape seed oil and anti-oxidant OPC are stronger and more effective than Vitamin C and E as antioxidants. The rose hue Day and Night Cream intoxicates your senses and moisturizes, the Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream contains ginseng to help reduce puffiness and dark circles, and the Ampoule Beauty Treatment is a 14 day treat for your skin. The high concentration of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, panthenol and papaya extract made my skin smoother, clearer and more radiant.

My beautiful future mother-in-law tried M.Asam’s mature skin products. The Vinolift Face Serum and Vinolift Skin Tightening Cream combination restored moisture, firmness to her skin and kept it hydrated all day. She spent a night from home and forgot her products, and still had extremely soft and hydrated skin from previous applications. The liposomes and nanoparticles release ingredients over time to pump the skin with OPC, vitamins A, C, E, Q10 and hyaluronic acid, while the Collagen-biospheres (from the skin tightening cream) give a smoother softer look to the skin. and

This Elysee YouthSpan Facial Resurrection Night Cream was launched just days ago on HSN. Always wanting to give Beauty News readers the latest I rushed to try it, but can’t give the full run down because it needs to be used for a bit of time to receive all the benefits. Stay tuned! and

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