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You can’t look at the new Madison Square Park by Bond No. 9 bottle and not smile. The hot pink flacon rocking its funky green rose bracelet (which can also be used as a pin) hits you like a laser eraser and rids you all recent memories of snow boots, Wellies and furry hats. One look at this bottle and suddenly I’m transported to spring. My boots have marched to the back of the closet and my sandals have danced their way up front waiting to take a walk to Madison Sq. Park. Been there lately? The quirky little park that divides the Flatiron District and Korea-town was once the place to be during the gilded age when millionaires built beautiful Beaux-Arts buildings in the area. It then went through some seedy decades and happily starting just some years ago, has once again become the place to be.

Bond No. 9, with its passion for celebrating New York City hot spots worked with perfumer Laurent Le Guernec to come up with a fragrance as sparkling as this trendy new haunt. Inside the bottle, the celebration of spring unfolds with a crisp, clean eau de parfum that welcomes all that’s green, flowering and renewing. Refreshing opening notes of sweet grape hyacinth and tangy huckleberry hit me like a juicy bite of sweet ripe red grapefruit. From there, red leaf rose attracts olfactory attention and the scent settles into a mélange of citrusy hoptree, warm teakwood and a touch of vetiver. From the hot pink bottle to the “yes it can be worn” adorable bracelet to the crisp green mixed with a feminine floral scent, Madison Square Park tells us that Spring is here and summer is on its way shortly.

Available: Saks 5th Ave, Bond No. 9 stores and

When I was a teen, I coveted my Mother’s Judith Leiber evening bag – the striking shape of the snakeskin leather with elegant crystals adorning the frame. She now lets me borrow it from time to time as I still haven’t gotten one of my own. Soon perhaps. In the meantime, I love looking at the gorgeous bottle of Judith Leiber Night eau de parfum sitting on my dresser. The black opaque glass bottle embedded with Swarovski crystal stones has an art deco vibe and looks so elegant on the 1940’s burl wood dresser I inherited from my Grandmother. What’s inside is as beautiful as outside. Like the handbags, this fragrance is for evening and makes a dramatic statement. Before even removing the lid I tried to imagine what kind of fragrance would be housed inside. It definitely had to be an oriental and I guessed right. Opening notes are bergamot, black cinnamon, passion peonies and night blooming amber. That settles into caramelized amber, patchouli and creamy woods with a touch of lingering incense that lasts longer than even the most special night.

Available: Bergdorf Goodman, 5th Ave and

Ahhh…there’s nothing like the upcoming royal wedding to put us all in mood for the British traditions we adore. Play word association with anyone and say “British” and 9 out of 10 times, they’ll respond “tea”. No matter what you love that’s quintessentially British, it’s always going to come back to tea. Master Perfumer Christine Nagel for Jo Malone has created a new line of subtle and lovely spring colognes all based on tea notes. Nagel says, “The ceremony of tea is a timeless, simple and authentic practise (sic), but in relation to fragrance, surprising and original.” As with all Jo Malone scents, combining their fragrances to create your very own is always encouraged. The five new limited edition tea scents are: Assam & Grapefruit, Earl Grey & Cucumber, Fresh Mint Leaf, Sweet Lemon and Sweet Milk. Once the summer gets here I know I’ll be sporting the Earl Grey & Cucumber followed by a spritz of Fresh Mint for a refreshing mist of cool on those hot summer days ahead.

Available: Saks 5th Ave and

CLEAN continues its celebrity-adored tradition of the freshest, straight-from-the-shower fragrances with the zesty CLEAN Cotton T-Shirt, which is as light, airy and as crisp as the iconic, wardrobe essential after which it’s named. This addition to the line is inspired by a freshly-laundered tee, with notes of bergamot fresh laundry accord, cotton flower and dewy fresia mixing lushly with warm notes of Rosewood, Warm Musk and Sheer Amber. So when you spritz it on your person and go to hug a friend, family member or your BF, they will be compelled to ask if you’ve just sudsed up and cloaked yourself in a brand new tee, right out of the wrapper and from your boyfriend’s dresser drawer. This sweetly soapy scent doesn’t smell like you are wearing perfume, either. It’s “I just stole this tee from my boyfriend” sweet and, well, CLEAN!

Available at Sephora, or ULTA

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