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Ah, May; the time when a woman’s fancy turns to that which is fresh and vibrant; green and new. As old layers are shed, we toss off our cozy wrappings and trappings, leaving behind our spice-warmed elixirs in search of new breezes that sweep us to lighter, brighter realms. Right now we want our world lush and sunny; breezy and bright, dewy and light: in other words, life in full-color, and in-bloom! Embrace the upcoming season of sun with these fragrant delights.

Like the warmer seasons themselves, many of my favorite new seasonal selections are sadly ephemeral. Still, a wise man named Will once wrote something about how it’s better to have lost and loved than to have never had loved at all; thus I will greedily drink in every last drop of Angel Sunessence Silver Ocean Edition new limited edition Summer 2011 that I may, while I can. Sparkling, sensual, and just a breeze oceanic, Thierry Mugler’s new eau for summer captures the essence of Angel in a delightfully joyful, sun-lit way. The fragrance opens with a citrus effervescence, courtesy of kumquat; it then dives into a delicate sea salt blossom note, before coming into its own originally intoxicating patchouli and vanilla spirit. Covet while you can!

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue and at

Thierry Mugler also offers a new limited edition, Spring/Summer 2011 Alien Sunessence Amber Gold Edition, which invites you “reveal the sun goddess within.” This Alien is of a softer-spoken nature than what emerged from the original mother ship, yet she is still enchantingly opulent: she glows warmly with a still sunny, yet slightly hushed, radiance. The fresh, floral amber eau de toilette opens with sparkling kiwi notes, then moves into an ultra-feminine combination that hints of vanilla and orchids. Finally, it settles into an enchantingly mysterious, yet familiar, essence that’s at once at-home…and very alien!
Available at Saks Fifth Avenue and at

Toast to those sunshine-filled days ahead with the latest limited edition trio from Marc Jacobs, the new MJ Splash Cocktail Collection. This collection was “inspired by the first sip of a refreshing cocktail on a warm summer day” – we’ll certainly drink to that, especially with these generous “portions!” At first mention, Cranberry may seem an odd choice for a Spring/Summer scent, but fear not: this Cranberry is shaken and stirred to be luscious, vibrant, and juicy; notes of tangerine, honeysuckle, and red currant make it more “tropic delight” than “holiday festive,” with just a hint of sweetness at its crisp edges. Ginger is at once spicy and fresh, snappy and aromatic, with a contrasting “hot and cold” quality about it. Ginger welcomes us with its fresh-cut namesake plus a hit of coriander, then embraces us with cognac oil, bourbon, granadilla, and rhubarb, before kissing us with of sandalwood. Curacao is my personal favorite. Like its blue liquor namesake, it opens with a blast of fresh citrus; in this case it’s lime and blood orange. Violet, pear, and apricot make up the mostly fruity, somewhat sensual mid-notes, while white moss grounds it all nicely. It’s a top-shelf collection that may very well lead to more happy hours, wink-wink!

Available at Macy’s and at

Toast to the sweater-weather nights of Spring with Incense Oud, the third entry into the Arabian Nights collection from niche fragrance line By Kilian. This collection is built around essential oils with strong symbolic values from the East. In many Middle Eastern countries, Oud is believed to be worth more than its weight in gold, and incense is considered to have magical, mystical qualities – its smoke is said to be one of the links between the mortals and the gods. Incense Oud blends the two together seamlessly, resulting in a smooth composition that hints at the truly smoky and exotic, yet manages to stay clean, and modern: an “Oud Lite,” if you will, but in the most complimentary, utterly wearable way possible. Yes, you may wear this Oud after Memorial Day!

Available at Aedes de Venustas on Christopher St, Bergdorf Goodman and

Every day can be a little brighter with the newest grace fragrance from philosophy, summer grace. Sun-kissed citrus notes, star fruit, and peach open a sparkling bouquet of passionflower, wild peony, and rose; dewy greens lend a bright freshness. Coconut musk, vanilla, and sandalwood are also present (I found the coconut most prominent at first spray), imparting a playful, lighthearted summer vibe that’s youthful, beach-y, and brimming with optimism. A casual, luminous fragrance that makes you at right at home the minute you wear it; “summer grace spray fragrance was created to make a woman feel as if she is wearing a beautifully light sundress on a sunny summer day.” If I get ahead of myself, I can already predict the wistful tears that will fall once I randomly reunite with this summer softness on a particularly dreary day in the dead of next winter, just to catch a whiff of summer…IF there’s any juice left (doubtful).
Philosophy summer grace is available online at

Two new energizing products join Molton Brown’s beloved Vitalising Vitamin AB+C bath & shower gel: the new Body Hydrating Gel and Vitalising vitamin AB+C eau fraiche. The zingy gel absorbs instantly, slipping onto skin with great ease, and no grease. Tiny jojoba beads explode on contact, bursting with hydration…did I mention a stimulating, fresh citrus aroma abounds throughout? Vitalising vitamin AB+C eau fraiche blends a Mediterranean fusion of citrus with green fruits and aromatic woods to create a lively, fragrant composition that layers nicely with the gel; together, it’s a wake-up call to spring into action! Molton Brown Vitalising Vitamin AB+C range is available at Barneys and at

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