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Your wedding day is not only something you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl – it is the one moment in your life when it is unacceptable to look anything but your best. And no one expects you to settle for anything less than the whole package. Unfortunately, when it comes to skin-care, any new regime if not properly planned out can seriously backfire. Not only has BN tested and designed the essential bridal skincare regime to be sure you have all your bases covered, but we’ve helped you develop your own unique style when it comes to picking out the most important element of the ceremony – the dress!

A Romantic Glow Teams up with a Clean and Classic Look:

The key to attaining a radiant facial glow is integrating the right amounts of exfoliation, moisture, and peptides to your skin. You should begin this regime about four to six weeks before the big day in order to produce maximum results.

Alba Advanced Sea Algae Enzyme Facial Scrub is a refreshing enzyme scrub that contains a dynamic blend of exfoliates and plant enzymes designed to brighten and invigorate the skin. The aloe vera soothes inflamed skin, while minerals, amino acids, and proteins combine to promote a healthy and vibrant complexion. Corn meal and almond oils continue to soften and revitalize the skin, removing impurities, refining the skin’s texture, and stimulating cell regeneration. Alba Sea Kelp facial Toner is the perfect follow-up. This stimulating blend of sea kelp extracts, aloe vera, and witch hazel gently purifies, hydrates, and balances the skin’s pH for optimum moisture.

Walgreens and http://www.albabotanica.com

Designer: Peter Lagner Photo by: Candace Meyer

RSF Pharmaceuticals Caviar Daily Cream is the best kept secret and the newest form of skin-care sweeping the west coast. Originated out of San Diego, the RSF Pharmaceuticals line incorporates an alternative method to botox by combining the highest levels of peptides on the market along with pure caviar extract, Dead Sea salts, jojoba and sweet almond oils. It is best suited for firming and lifting the skin, leaving behind a glowing youthful appearance.


Designer: Lazaro Photo: http://www.jlmcouture.com

High Maintenance Pairs up with a Fairytale Princess:

Now that your skin has built up a strong foundation, maintenance and upkeep is crucial. You may need to shock it with something new and something a bit stronger. You should alternate these products one to two times per week.

Revitalizing Enzyme and Acai Berry Masque is from Priia, a brand new line of skin-care recently launched which appeals to a wide range of skin types. Their new powerful, yet gentle, exfoliating masque is infused with papaya and pineapple enzymes that gently dissolve dead skin cells, revealing a softer more supple skin and producing a radiant and renewed complexion. Follow up with Priia Fruit Smoothie Facial Exfoliating Serum which contains a proprietary blend of fruit extracts (a natural form of alpha hydroxyl acid) and white willow bark extract (a natural form of beta hydroxyl acid) that gently sloughs away dead skin cells and boosts overall cellular repair to reveal a natural, youthful glow.


Intense Protection with a Fierce and Modern Look:

Now you can wake up with lasting confidence and an unbeatable look. Follow this regime the night before for maximum results.

Skin Ceuticals Intense Line Defense is a potent nighttime line minimizing treatment. It hydrates as it also aggressively exfoliates dead skin cells and dramatically improves the skin’s overall appearance producing quick and visible results.

You’ll love Peter Lamas Eye Recovery Complex, a thick butterscotch scented cream that combines the best of nature and science to bring you salon quality performance without harsh, irritating ingredients. This unique formula features the exotic ingredient Embilica, a natural brightener that reduces dark under eye circles – perfect for any bride who has opted to plan her own wedding, as well as pentapeptide-3–a powerful ingredient that minimizes lines and wrinkles, and Hyaluronic acid – designed to accelerate firmness and elasticity.

http://www.skinceuticals.com and http://www.lamasbeauty.com

Designer: Karen Sabag Photo: Tom Concordia

With a tangy, zestful, orange-like taste, Go-Smile Rinse is an anti-oxidant treatment for  your mouth. Otherwise known as smileceuticals, this anti-oxidant formula blends with vitamins and fluoride to become the first ever mouthwash to fight against cavities, gingivitis and plaque. Another reason to smile!

Sephora and http://www.gosmile.com

Designer: Angel Sanchez Photo Credit: Marc Hispard

A Flawless Face with a Backless Gown:

There’s no turning back now – today is your day and it’s going to be perfect. Although we won’t be there to walk you down the aisle, we are certainly going to recommend the following products to get you through the day and ensure long-lasting protection. Here are some emergency items to keep on hand and close by.

Kinerase Clear Skin Blemish Dissolver is a convenient lipstick size life saver due to its unique combination of ingredients, including Propylene Glycol, lemon, fruit acids, and Salicylic acid, and can easily be carried around and applied without notice. The Teflon coated roller ball applicator aggressively targets and diminishes breakouts without peeling or irritation and helps reduce acne bacteria from spreading, while reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

Glytone Acne Back Spray is an effective at home treatment that combines two percent salicylic acid with a water and alcohol base, producing maximum results with only mild treatment.

Kinerase available at Sephora and http://www.kinerase.com
Glytone at  http://www.glytone.com

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