Paint It Green:
Paint without the chemicals for your house and your kids


Old-Fashioned Milk Paint and Safe Paint
I love decorating my house, and giving a new coat to my walls every two years is de rigueur to keep it fresh and attractive, but in this Green Age when the truth about the toxicity of household products is changing the world, the chemical fumes are getting harder and harder to tolerate. As a Green Mama, latex paint has been banned from my house forever. Recently I discovered Old-Fashioned Milk Paint used for centuries before the introduction of latex paints. Made from milk protein, lime, earth pigments and clay fillers, it’s biodegradable, without lingering odor, and is non-toxic. The paint creates a chalky, matte look that is velvety to the eye and elegant. It recreates an old world streaky or mottled look reminiscent of Colonial or Shaker interiors. You feel your walls are not merely glossy, dead surfaces but that they have presence and depth. If you don’t care so much for the antique look, the Safe Paint Collection provides a water resistant, self-priming finish that is more even and modern looking.

It comes in packages of powder to which you simply add water and that you can mix in your own kitchen using a portable blender. Just be careful to add the powder gradually as if adding flour to a cake batter. The consistency should be somewhat like that of a sponge cake before you put it into the oven. But the fun doesn’t stop there, since you can create your own beautiful hues by mixing the basic Snow White color with the different pigments. Make sure you read the Safe Paint directions carefully in order not to get lime into your eyes as this is the only health precaution you need to take.

I am so pleased with the results that I’m repainting my whole interior with Safe Paint to create a romantic, pre-industrial look that conjures the beauty of the natural elements within my home. Check the collection at

Creative play the natural way
If you don’t want to worry anymore about what your child is ingesting when you find him making a meal of his art project, switch to Eco-Paint, a powder paint handmade with natural ingredients including beets, spinach, paprika, carrots, purple sweet potato, red cabbage, blueberries and tomatoes. Convinced that children will put everything in their mouth regardless of what you tell them, Cammie Weeks used her mother’s recipe to make Eco-Dough for her son. She moved on to create Eco-Paint using only non-chemical ingredients so you can relax about what is getting into your kid’s mouth — a wise precaution in this age of lead paint discovered more and more often on children toys. You can easily mix the colors yourself and control the concentration of pigments for a beautiful rainbow of natural colors. The collection also includes treeless eco-art pads made from the discarded stalks of banana trees. View the whole line at

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