Santa Baby: Gifts for New Moms and Newborns


Santa loves a big, jolly tummy bump and tiny bundles swathed in blankets. To show his glee, he’ll leave a plethora of goodies for new moms and their newborns under the tree. Some of these products, wrapped with love, are sure to delight and are organized as Before Baby and After Baby.

Before Baby:

New moms have more options now than ever before for organic, pure, all-natural baby products, which is great news. Eschewing the chemical-laden commercial brands is a wise decision, so choose between these gentle brands for you and your baby; all are fantastic.


Pregnant moms will love the aromatic Earth Mama Angel Baby foot soak, as well as this line’s stomach-soothing teas, rich lovely-smelling lotions, shampoo, body wash and belly oils. Babies will someday appreciate the fact that these products contain no chemicals or unnatural ingredients. Heaven-sent! After baby is born, this line offers a plethora of breast feeding and post-partum support products. Check out to see the complete line.

New Zealand’s Love from O’Baby is a pure, natural, organic and wild-harvested skincare line for new moms, with products that feel and smell as beautiful as the line’s packaging. Chock full of herbs and botanicals, this line includes hand, belly and body cream, massage balm, diaper cream and bottom barrier cream – with ingredients so delicious, you’ll want to eat them (but don’t). Visit and take a bow in the direction of New Zealand.

Veda Baby is a soothing, natural line developed by a physician for the sensitive skin of babies. It’s light citrus scent is delicious, and it leaves baby’s (and mom’s) skin silky, smooth and protected; Dads will appreciate VedaDude, a skincare line that includes moisturizer, aftershave and shaving gel.

Mama Mio is a trusted skincare line rife with essential oils and all-natural goodness. Everything from belly oil to whipped-cream smooth lotions will entice new and expected moms–see the complete line at The packaging is so adorable that you’ll want to display these products even after they’re empty (or buy loads more).

Pangea Organics is beloved by naturalists and for good reason: its product line not only smells divine, but utilizes trustworthy botanicals and herbs. Moms and babies with sensitive skin will appreciate Pangea’s ecocentric, gentle approach, and fragrance lovers will appreciate the natural aroma of lavender with cardamom, and much more;

Simply Organic brand all-natural soaps are also ideal for moms with sensitive pre-and post-pregnancy skin, and are naturally fragranced with aromatic botanicals. During the winter months, these soaps keep skin soft and moisturized, and they’re also great for baby’s skin and for people with eczema. Visit

Baby Essencia offers sweet little gifts for new moms and babies. The Essencia Baby golden amber baby shampoo looks as inviting as fresh honey, and is packaged to look perfect in a nursery – as does everything else in this inviting line. See it at
Bluecorn Natural’s Beeswax Lotion Bars are organic and effective. The warmth of your hands and body will turn these solid bars into a silky smooth lotion infused with honey. Ideal on any part of your body that could use deep, penetrating moisture such as dry hands and feet, the bar comes in a pocket-size tin. Find them at

Mimi Maternity’s winter lineup includes chic yoga clothes, casual wear and gorgeous formal dresses. Whatever the occasion, metro moms are covered at this reliable source for fashionista moms. Browse the racks at Two nylon brands support pregnant moms in style: Solidea offers the finest imported Italian support and compression stockings, pantyhose and shapewear. Recommended by doctors for tired aching legs varicose veins, this line is tailor-made for pregnant moms; Ames Walker Maternity Hosiery provides stylish hosiery for optimum leg health in an array of sizes and styles. Moms can also access information as well as purchase Ames Walker styles at the site

Bottoms Up solves the maddening problem of maternity pants slipping down when moms bend down. These suspender-like clips or “connectors” attach to bras and pants in two different places for maximum support and minimum exposure. Available at

An Oh Mama! Bar is rife with specific prenatal vitamins and minerals, but not so many that they can’t be ingested with a prenatal vitamin — and it’s the only bar fortified with DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid critical for babies’ brain, eye, and central nervous system development. Pregnant moms don’t get enough DHA since they typically avoid the richest source of it: fatty fish. Oh Mama! Bars are available at Whole Foods and

After Baby arrives:

Swaddle your little one in gorgeous, all-cotton Kit + Lili dresses, stockings, tees, onesies, and more — since you want only the best for baby. Delicious colors and fabrics, and clean, crisp graphics are the trademark of this beloved line, which has recently branched out into equally lovely home furnishings (perfect for the nursery!). Visit

The baby slings offered by Green Pea Designs are as unique as each new mom. Choose your pattern: heart-touching vintage, whimsical cherries, camouflage, ’60s-inspired, ’70s-inspired, preppy, subtle, modern – this laudable site has them all. Pouches keep baby warm and nestled against your heartbeat, and they’re great for the beach, for city strolling, and even for washing dishes (or serving Chinese food, as is more often the case in New York City). They’re great as high chair covers when dining out in restaurants, too;

Charm and Luck lives up to its name with a slew of handbags that can double as thoroughly bewitching diaper bags. These high quality bags are ideal for moms with older, post-bottle using children — as they can easily store wipes, gum, napkins, a distraction toy and everything mom needs to tote and/or retain her sanity. Charm and Luck also has a gorgeous “real” diaper bag! Browse the lineup at is the type of website where you simply want everything posted on it to be delivered directly to you, and as soon as possible. The baby blankets and bedding, adorable toys, engraved charm bracelet and necklace, children’s furniture – the whole lot of it is truly picture perfect, slightly vintage and thoroughly modern. A must see:

Booty Goo is for babies and parents who need reliable, fast-acting diaper rash-fighting goo brand. This is it! And it’s made in the U.S.; visit Da Bib is a big, generous bib that goes around baby’s neck and protects everything from the upper neck down. It’s a godsend when your child is wearing his or her most expensive outfit and eating strawberries or soup. No shrinking! Find it at Pack this gear into the see-through 311 Travel Bag when roaming far or near. These see-through bags are ideal for airplane travel, but convenient even at home as well, and the containers can be used for baby shampoo, moisturizer, and even juice. It will easily fit in a diaper bag – and solve an array of portability problems for new moms. Visit

Koo Koo Bear Kids is a comprehensive source for new parents, and offers everything from children’s décor to lighting, rugs, diaper bags, clothes, bath, bedding and beyond. The children’s rugs are especially unique and memorable, though the furniture and personalized toy chests are also gorgeous. Take a virtual stroll through the store and admire what you see at

Tatutina is the best source for painted fun organizational products, such as bookends, art supply holders, stools, picture frames, baby accessories and much more – and new time-pressed parents, will love the popular Take Out Menus box and recipe holder. Painted lovingly by hand, these products are offered by a family-run group that makes pleasing people their business. Check out their colorful wares at

Puddle-stomping is the name of the game at Diane’s Little Lambs, where fashionable raingear for children and adults is offered. Patterned rain boots, snow gear, water clogs, cool umbrellas and raincoats let city slickers step out in style during slushy winter and spring days. Visit

Happy holidays to parents everywhere from! Your children are life’s greatest present.

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