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The gown is amazing, the shoes fabulous (even comfortable!) and the choclatini’s will be delish. And suddenly it just hits you, the wedding is around the corner and though you have the perfect gloss, you haven’t prepared your skin to glow as beautifully as the candles. Well, it doesn’t take a village, but it does take some work. Don’t worry sweetie, Beauty News is here for you and we’ve got you covered. It’s a piece of cake!

Days before the wedding hydrate your skin with a soothing, moisturizing mask. Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment from Erno Laszlo will do the trick. Mix together the vial of liquid and packet of powder. Apply to your face, relax and think of the honeymoon while it plumps and hydrates skin and makes fine lines disappear. With 4 treatments per box, you can even share with Mom and the Maid of Honor. Available at

Now, ready to radiate? Ultra Vital – Intensive Cellular Skin Care Crème from Cellcosmet is a 24 hour miracle. (Jennifer Aniston is an absolute devotee) One drop from the pump covers the entire face and restores skin vitality with vitamins E and C and makes skin gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Best for the over 30 bride. Oh and you NYC area brides, walk down the aisle to the Cellcosmet counter in Saks 5th Ave and see Arturo who’ll personally prescribe the perfect skin regime. Tell him Beauty News sent you! Sak’s 5th Ave, NY,NY and

Keep puffs away from under the eyes with Gel Contour Yeux-XT by Cellcosmet. This refreshing, non greasy gel reduces eye puffiness and lightens dark circles with extracts of rose, cornflower and orange blossom.

Or for those with dry skin who prefer a crème to a gel, PHelitone Eye Treatment by Erno Laszlo reduces puffiness and lightens dark circles and activates collagen production.

Create a beautiful bust line and have décolletage to die for with the help of Throat and Bust Lifting Effect Formula by Sensai . This luxurious emulsion in an easy pump bottle contains anti-oxidant vitamins B and C, apricot essence complex for cell renewal, hyaluronate/collagen booster as well as other essences that create a lifting effect while it increases firmness and evens out skin tone. and

Skincare Emergency Wedding Kit Must Haves

Okay princess, fast forward the clock, it’s almost the day and you’re walking on air. The family has stopped feuding, the cake is as magnificent as the one on the magazine cover, and that whacky florist came through with the perfect bouquet even though you’ve had to hear “Trust me Darling” more times than you care to count. Then, uh-oh it happens, the stress, the hormones, the jitters, whatever… and YIKES!!!….you’ve got a skincare emergency! Don’t worry Sweetie! Beauty News to the rescue with the Skincare Emergency Kit. Gather up all these products “just in case” and leave your worries behind.

Illuminating Concealer by Stila not only covers the circles but subtly illuminates the area making it radiate. Its creamy formula blends well with foundation and keeps you looking dewy fresh even after hours of camera flashes going off in your face.

Outlining your lips with the Flawless Lip Fix Pencil by Laura Mercier will keep your lipstick from feathering. Also, this “can’t live without it” item can also be used to cover a multiple of little imperfections like blemishes or spots.

Wedding day blemish? Get rid of it the organic way with Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick. A bit of this all natural roll-on liquid will make it go away quickly. And don’t squeeze! You can’t cover up an opened pimple with concealer. and Whole Foods.

Oops – nick your leg shaving? Spray on Desert Essence Relief Spray with tree tea oil to heal it quickly. Also keep some in the ladies room for your guests to give themselves a little spray for quick relief from tired, achy feet so they can get back on the dance floor. and Whole Foods

And some sensible advice from Marlene Katz, esthetician and founder of ISS, Intelligent Skin Sense.

. Don’t overdo the exfoliation. Don’t get a peel or dermabrasion within a week of the wedding.
. For dark circles, pat your eye gel gently around the eye socket from the outside in, with the bottom of a spoon that’s been chilled in the freezer. .Lightly press the cold spoon down the sides of the nose as well.
. For skin that has partied too hard, warm water splashes followed by cold water splashes will awaken skin.
. For blemishes, hot (not scalding!) water on a cotton ball will help melt blemish’s back into the skin. Then use ice cold water on cotton ball to reduce inflammation. Cover with concealer.

And don’t forget to aim the bouquet to your favorite single girlfriend!

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