What would you name a brand new line of luxury skin care products from Switzerland? If In & Out, isn’t the first thought that pops into your head then you and I are on the same page. That said, when I recently met the creators of this new prestige line, Alain Obadia and his plastic surgeon wife Marianne Prevot in the new Madison Ave boutique, Alain explained that the name comes from the fact that “We take a unique internal and external approach to wellness with sophisticated and exclusive skin care treatments, combining for the very first time food supplements, essential oils and cosmetology.” I haven’t tried the supplements yet, and will report on those when I do, but for now, I’ll focus on the fabulous serum and night cream. The 024 Phenomenal Anti-Age Day & Night Serum is a super concentrated formula created to firm and lift the skin. It contains antioxidant vitamins A & E, natural botanical oils from clary sage, ylang ylang, wheat germ, chamomile and carrot seed along with sea plankton extract, and palmitoyl pentapeptide. The clear liquid serum spreads easily and dries quickly. The 023 Phenomenal Anti-Age Night Repair Cream is a rich and luxurious treatment that encourages cell turnover. Its key ingredients are vitamins A & E, along with rosemary, chamomile, ylang ylang to calm skin, squaline for moisturizing (derived from olive oil), argan oil, and hydroxyproline which is an amino acid that helps repair damaged skin. I love the way this cream makes my skin look and feel. It’s very hydrating, but not oily and absorbs quickly. Visit the new Madison Ave store to get the right products for your skin, both in and out. You’ll have to go down the block for the burger!

In & Out Different Beauty
1007 Madison Ave, NYC

In the heart of France is the lovely town of Vichy famous for its unique mineral healing waters; and the Vichy brand of skin care has been one of the leading sellers in France’s pharmacies for decades. The company has been studying stem cell technology since 1988 and has come out with the new Aqualia Antiox line that boosts the regenerative potential of stem cells. What this means for us is skin that is rejuvenated, fresh and youthful looking. The Aqualia “New Skin” Antiox Fresh Serum protects skin’s stem cells with 10% pure vitamin C. If you’ve been reading my column faithfully you know that vitamin C is vital to skin’s health, but unfortunately dissipates from products quickly and must be contained in very specific and unique ways. Companies have created a variety of ways to preserve its effectiveness due to its ephemeral nature. In this case, Vichy has packed it into a sealed pouch that you open and add into the bottle of serum, and keep in the refrigerator. It contains no preservatives and it will last for a month. Used once or twice a day, the chilled serum feels good to use, and more importantly makes skin hydrated and dewy fresh. The Anti-Fatigue Ice Effect Stick is a cute little solid eye cream that comes in a stick and feels cool to the skin as it glides on around the eye area. It contains the same antioxidant ingredients as the serum and hydrates delicate skin, helps erase fine lines and dark circles.

Available: CVS Stores and

The trend of new delivery systems for products that we use on the delicate skin around our eyes keeps getting better and better. To that end, Clinique has recently come out with All About Eyes Serum. The roller ball feels so nice and cool as it glides onto the skin depositing the oil free serum that hydrates immediately and brightens the skin too. It contains caffeine, potent anti-oxidants and botanicals. Give it a roll and look instantly refreshed!

Available: Major department stores

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