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Ask the average person “what makes someone look old?” and they’ll probably answer “wrinkles”. However, the truth is, uneven pigmentation and sun damage contributes as much to making a person look older as wrinkles do. Years in the research lab, and now ready for you is elure Advanced Skin Lightening system. Hoda Koth of the Today Show featured it and said it’s one of few products that “truly revolutionize the industry and make an impact on our beauty routine”. The simple three step system lightens and brightens complexions in one month without the use of hydroquinone, and elure doesn’t require a prescription. The Foaming Facial Wash is the first step as it gently removes all traces of makeup and preps the skin. Then the day and night products are the shining stars. The Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion is lightweight and comes in a double barreled pump bottle which automatically mixes when you use it. Let it soak in a few minutes and then apply your favorite sunscreen over it. At night, use the Advanced Lightening Night Cream. First apply the cream from the chamber marked 1, wait a minute, and then apply the cream from the chamber marked 2. If you have oily skin or don’t like a heavier night cream, you can use the lotion at night. However, I found that the cream soaks in nicely and isn’t greasy even in the summer heat.

The system uses natural enzymes and Melanozyme™ which breaks down melanin and lightens and brightens the complexion. The company says it takes a month to really see results, however, I found that it started to work in less time than that. I’m naturally quite pale and don’t have too much of the typical hyperpigmentation that redheads have, so perhaps that’s the reason. All I know is that after about two and half weeks of use, I got a lot of compliments such as “your skin looks great” to “your complexion is so clear”. Love that!

Available: Dermatologists offices, and

Not only do I need my morning java to get my energy going, my skin cells also need a wakeup call. This summer, my smooth as silk skin has been courtesy of Sensai Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair Collagenergy SPF 20. I’ve been using this super lightweight anti-aging cream for a month now and while I’m sipping my cappuccino, my skin is drinking up the twenty years of research that the scientists at Kanebo have put into this cream. A winner of the 2011 Self Magazine Healthy Beauty Awards for Day Serum, this power breakfast for your skin contains precious Japanese botanicals, star fruit leaf complex, which is high in antioxidants, moon peach leaf extract which boosts collagen levels and CPX vital extract which firms skin. This new formula plumps up skin, protects it from discoloration and aids in new collagen formation. I also love the easy pump bottle which keeps the product fresh and is great for travel, as well as the light texture that absorbs quickly, never feels oily and allows my makeup to glide on smoothly. As with all great skin care products, don’t forget your neck and décolletage!

Available: Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and

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