Skinovations: April 2008


Spring is in the air, and a luscious garden full of exciting new skin care products is here to help create a more beautiful you!

From Decleor, a 20+ year old French skin care brand, known for being aroma skin care specialists – before it was even chic here – are two new products from their Expression De L’age collection infused with natural plant active ingredients and essential oils.

Both are created with Bio-retinol ap (encapsulated w/ apple seed extract) to promote cell renewal and increase collagen synthesis, as well as hibiscus esculentus extract to reduce fine lines by limiting muscle cell contractions, along with a host of other ingredients, (too many to list here, ma cherie) which will increase moisture retention, erase fine lines, and create luminosity. Radiance Smoothing Cream adds hydration and luminosity and the Relaxing Eye Cream smoothes delicate skin and protects it from environmental stress and pollution. Decleor has a strong following of devotee’s. Try it and you’ll see why!

Available: Sephora stores or

Vitamin C, one of the essential ingredients for maintaining healthy skin has one problem. It’s got the shortest shelf life of any skin care product, which is why most creams that boast containing it really don’t have enough to make a difference by the time you’re using it on your face. I’m a big fan of vitamin C, and most neurotic about only using pure liquid C contained in an opaque jar, or encapsulated in little break-open pods for a one time use. Vitamin C, used under moisturizer, plays a key role in reversing the signs of skin damage, especially UV-induced damage, and aids in moisture retention, boosts cell turnover rate and brightens skin.

Brand new from 3LAB is Perfect Repair serum, housed in a bottle with two cylinders that solves the problem. The two ingredients – an inactive vit C and an enzyme – create a bioconversion that activates the vitamin C the moment you pump the pump. No more eye droppers in opaque bottles being opened in a dark room, no more mixing vitamin C powder. Getting your daily dose of vitamin C has never been so easy!

Available: Barneys NY, Saks 5th Ave

Psssst…just for you my little skin care aficionado, Barneys and 3LAB is offering you a special event on April 30th and other days through July. With any 3 LAB skincare purchase, a free skin care consultation and a 30 minute facial with a trained aesthetician, in a private room. Tell ’em Beauty News sent you! Call Christa at 212-833-2010 to make your appointment.

Out damn spot! It’s not just lines or wrinkles that make us look older, skin tone plays a big part too and having an even skin tone always creates a more youthful look. Brand new, and I predict a best seller, is the Even Better Skin Tone Corrector by Clinique. This lightweight serum, which is good for all skin types, works like an eraser and breaks down the appearance of dark spots caused by sun damage, irritation or scarring which include melasma and hyper pigmentation. Clinique uses the latest brightening technology to diminish the appearance of dark spots which are created by excess melanin production and it prevents new discolorations as well. Sorry, freckle face, this isn’t for you or any other hereditary discolorations.

Available: Clinique Counters and

From Avon, the company that loves, supports and promotes women as well as wanting to make us beautiful, comes the new and unique Ultimate Contouring Eye System in 2 parts. The jar contains an intensive repair cream that boosts youth proteins and restores elasticity to fragile under eye skin. Use morning and evening. The top pot contains a concentrated elixir which helps reduce the look of under eye bags and fat pockets. Use at bedtime and apply over the cream.


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