Sodium Overload!


Salt: sure, I try to eliminate added salt from my diet as much as possible, for the hope that maybe one day I won’t wake-up with bags under my eyes, yet who would have thought that salt might actually be good for you! Ron Rofe, founder and owner of HaloAir Salt Rooms knows a thing or two about salt and has brought over these unique treatment rooms from Israel and Europe, to a clean, unassuming space in Chelsea. The rooms are made completely out of salt from the Dead Sea and Halo’s technology grinds the salt into air particles that constantly fill the rooms with Salt Aerosol. The rooms are controlled by a unique feedback halogenerator, which promises constant concentration of Salt Aerosal, negative ions and sterile rooms. The conditions produce an environment that is capable of clearing airways and reviving the skin.

Ron recommends anyone with chronic pulmonary diseases like asthma or pneumonia, allergies, ENT diseases, skin disorders, chronic fatigue, depression, heart and vascular problems, or even the common cold, receive 14 hour-long treatments (in close proximity to one another), per year. HaloAir has numerous rooms for adults that have plush leather sofas where you can watch a relaxing nature movie, meditate, read, or just enjoy the tranquility. I may have dozed off for a bit but I was still continually absorbing the salt-infused air, which is barely noticeable, it just feels like you’re breathing very clean, purified air. There are also rooms for children that include mini sofas, games and toys so kids can explore and play during their treatments. Ron told me that the hope is that one day insurance will cover this treatment after patients continue to see the amazing results.

After going several times in a row, I felt less congested and that my allergies had subsided a bit even with the terribly high pollen count. I bet that with more continuous sessions I would probably notice a big difference in my asthma and allergies, even in my possible just chronic fatigue or exhaustion from a busy schedule. Go try out HaloAir today and discover what salt can do for you!

133 W. 22nd St.
646- 660-0554

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