Spaaah! Finds for Back to School


After a brutally hot summer, I think many of us are actually looking forward to September, even if it means returning to all-night study sessions, boring teachers and all things school related. But whether you’re attending mommy & me classes, moving into the college dorm or taking on the role of the oldest broad in graduate school, luxuriating in some school-friendly spa products will make you feel like an A+ student.

Hopscotch Kids Nail WaterColors

Be the hit of the back-to-school slumber party with Hopscotch’s non-toxic, kid-friendly alternative to solvent-based nail polishes. Perfect for children, tweens and teenagers, these vibrant, water-based nail (water) colors can be purchased online at and soon to be in retailers across the country.

BareEase & Cream

It might be a little too soon to be gearing up for Spring Break but it’s never too early to take the pain out of a bikini wax. This Ouchless Waxing Prep Kit created by Anesthesiologist, Dr. Edna Ma, M.D. is truly revolutionary. BareEase & Cream is a preparatory kit for use by women undergoing bikini waxing and laser hair removal procedures in the bikini area. Featuring lidocaine (4%) as its active ingredient, (the most safe, widely used topical anesthetic and superior numbing agent), along with natural ingredients including aloe and jojoba, the kit’s specially doctor-formulated cream will not only eradicate the pain but will leave your skin feeling soft, silky and sexy as well. Simply wear the cute, pink, soft, latex disposable panty for a half hour before your appointment and bring on the Brazilian! Visit

Spa Robe from Needham Lane

Leave those sweatpants in the drawer where they belong and lounge around with your dorm floor mates in this crisp white robe from Needham Lane. Made of machine washable, soft, absorbent 100% cotton with a shawl collar and deep front pockets, this robe might be just the thing to get you to curl up with your biology 101 textbook. Visit

Top Notch Nail File

Not enough time between study sessions and extracurricular activities to get that much needed manicure? With these high quality crystal nail files from Top Notch, you can pamper yourself with a bit of luxury while still on the go! They come in absolutely gorgeous colors and some also feature photographs of the Eiffel Tower as well as hand painted and engraved designs. Visit

Karuna Facial Masques

Karuna’s one step, no-rinse face masques are easy to store and make your skin glow. Each mask contains the Karuna Beauty Boost: a propriety blend of Chinese licorice, aloe vera, chamomile, vitamin B and other plant extracts to heal, detox and renew all skin types. Whether you need a Hydrating, Brightening, Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Blemish or Exfoliating masque, Karuna has got every type of student covered! Visit

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