Spaaah! Finds for Thanksgiving


A trip to the spa is always something to be thankful for! Forget the relaxation it gives me or how my skin glows after a treatment – I just thank my lucky stars when I actually have the time to go to the spa! So this Thanksgiving, I’m bringing the spa home with me. Tryptophan won’t be the only thing lulling me into dreamland this month.

Soy Spacasso

Instead of packing on the pounds with a highly caloric pumpkin pie for dessert, try Soy Spacasso’s Pumpkin Spice Bar Mani/Pedi Soy Cream Exfoliator. Created with natural products including real pumpkin skin, this cream contains no parabens or harmful chemicals. The scent is to die for and it’ll leave your hands super soft. Visit

Royal Spa

The beautiful autumnal foliage all around us now will soon be covered up by the snow. So enjoy that burst of orange for a little while longer with the Royal Spa(R) Imperial Blend Bath & Shower Gel. This regal body treatment cleanses and moisturizes without the drying effects of soap. It’s enhanced with golden beads of vitamins A and E to help promote your skin’s elasticity and suppleness. Visit

Wet Paint Nail Glaze System

Get a little funky this holiday season with a Thankgiving-themed manicure. The Wet Paint Nail Glaze 7-Piece System can create 36 color shades simply by layering a base coat color then a sheer top coat glaze color. Use Moonstone over a Wet Paint polish or any polish you have at home to get the fashionable ‘greige’ color. It’ll have everyone at the dinner table talking. Visit

The Beauty Pillow by Vasseur Skincare

The hostess of any Thanksgiving dinner deserves endless hours of pampering after all the guests have gone home. But if you’re too exhausted to even enjoy that pampering, why not get all the benefits of a spa treatment while you sleep? The Beauty Pillow by Vasseur Skincare is a specially designed pillow that comfortably supports and cradles your head while keeping your delicate facial tissues away from the pillow and in turn, preventing wrinkles. The pillow comes in several fall colors: ivory, sage green and slate blue. Visit

B & G Organics Lavender & Organic Aloe Bath Salts

Family gatherings for Thanksgiving can always be a little stressful, so what better way is there to clear the mind and release the tension than to immerse yourself in a hot bath? Fill your tub with B&G Organics Lavender & Organic Aloe Bath Salts and let the aromatic oils soothe your skin as well as your mind. You can also pour a small amount on shower floor, enjoy the aroma and exfoliate the soles of your feet! Visit

This time of year, while we’re acknowledging all of the wonderful things in our lives to be thankful for – good health, happy family, a great career – our bodies will be thanking us for some much needed spa-worthy pampering!

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Maria Luttrell-Murphy

Thank you for a stunning review. Maria Luttrell-Murphy, CEO SOY SPACASSO

Maria Luttrell-Murphy

Thank you for the stunning review! Maria Luttrell-Murphy CEO –


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