Spaaah! Finds for Your Wedding Day


Whether you’re planning one or attending one, weddings can be surprisingly stressful. To keep yourself calm throughout the process and looking cool and collected on the big day, head to the spa for some much needed glow-inducing relaxation. And it wouldn’t hurt to keep some fabulous spa products at home and within reach too. Such a memorable occasion deserves the attention.

GoNails Nail-Growth Treatment

Nails and cuticles should look healthy and shiny when showing off your sparkling diamonds. So, get your nails wedding day ready with GoNails, a new nail-growth treatment. GoNails is an all-natural formaldehyde free cream that improves discoloration, brittleness and breakage. It’s easy to use and will keep nails strong and healthy. It takes just two weeks to see a difference. Brides can show off their hands with no shame!

Athena’s Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream

How horrifying would it be for a groom to put his bride’s garter belt on only to find stubble and rashy legs underneath that gorgeous white dress? Eww! Well, to avoid such a traumatizing scenario, use Athena’s Coochy Shave Crème. This rash-free shave crème is gentle enough for the most sensitive areas and prevents unsightly red bumps. And their travel sizes are perfect for the honeymoon!

Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Must-haves

It’s supposedly the happiest day of your life so it wouldn’t be surprising if you spent the entire day smiling. To get your teeth gleaming white for the big day (and beyond), try the teeth whitening must-haves from Rembrandt™. Create your own at-home “Day at the Spa” with products like the revolutionary Rembrandt™ 2-Hour Whitening Kit. This is the perfect way to prepare for a special occasion because it is clinically shown to visibly whiten teeth in just two hours! Along with their Intense Stain toothpaste for daily whitening use and Whitening Mouthwash for kiss-worthy breath, you’ll be all set with the perfect smile – and it all costs much less than a trip to the dentist.

Talbot Teas

Take the stress out of planning or get ready for a good night’s sleep before the big day by unwinding with a cup of gourmet Talbott Tea. Made with handpicked, whole tea leaves, these specialty teas are full-bodied and possess subtle yet complex characters. With flavors like Cocoa Cardamom Seduction, Steamy Cinnamon Rose and Caramel Sundae Escape, you’re sure to find the perfect blend. And their individual sachet gift boxes would make lovely bridal shower favors!

Spa Ritual’s Infinitely Loving Oil

You’ll probably be exhausted on your wedding night but with Spa Ritual’s Infinitely Loving Organic Oil, you and your new hubby will be inspired to be….um…romantic. This organic oil delivers aroma-therapeutic benefits and is the perfect accompaniment to a sensual massage. And as a natural anti-depressant, the Oil also provides mental relaxation and relieves those pre-wedding day jitters.

There may not be a lot of down-time in the days and certainly hours leading up to a big wedding day. Trying to get to the spa in all that chaos might actually cause stress! Fortunately, with these products, you can bring the spa along with you and relax while enjoying this very special occasion.

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