Spaaah! Finds To Keep Warm this Winter


There are 2 types of apartment buildings in New York City: the type where you freeze your behind off and have to rely on space heaters to keep your tootsies warm during the long winter months and the type where the entire building is so hot, you end up paying through the nose to blast your AC in January. I’ve lived in both. Well this month, we’ve got some spa products that’ll make keeping warm this winter a luxurious experience….and so much more fun than complaining to your super.

The Hottie from Aroma Home

Cuddle up with the Hottie from Aroma Home after that busy day of holiday gift shopping. The innovative packaging resembles a traditional hot water bottle, but inside the fuzzy exterior is a lavender and chamomile aromatherapy experience. Just heat this body warmer in the microwave for a warm, soothing, aroma-filled experience and enhance those winter nights. Visit

Dr. Hauschka’s Aromatherapy Bath Kit

There’s nothing like a soak in a hot bath when it’s cold and snowy outside. So enhance your bathing experience with Dr. Hauschka’s Aromatherapy Bath Kit. With trial sizes of their five luxurious aromatherapy baths: Lemon Bath, Lavender Bath, Rosemary Bath, Spruce Bath and Sage Bath, this handy metal tin contains the perfect remedy for any state of mind. Pure essential oils combined with sulfated castor oil disperse readily into the bath water for a mood-altering experience. It also makes the perfect gift this holiday season! Visit

Chai Aromatic Soy Candle from Aromafloria

Candlelight is just what you need to feel sexy and romantic this winter. Combine that with the spicy scent of chai and you’ll feel as warm and cozy as you would if you sipped a hot mug of frothy chai latte. The soothing spices and black tea leaves of genuine Indian chai create a warming, classic aroma enhanced with hints of ginger, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, clove bud and rich cardamom. This natural soy wax candle provides 60 hours of aromatic burning and gives a whole new meaning to the words ‘house warming present’. Visit

Perfect Organics Hazelnut Coffee Ultimate Body Scrub

Nothing warms the soul like a hot cup o’ joe. But if your New Year’s resolution is to cut down on your caffeine intake, try the Hazelnut Coffee Ultimate Body Scrub from Perfect Organics. A luxurious combination of extra-gentle, ultra-smoothing, all natural exfoliants, with invigorating coffee beans, replenishing plant oils, and soothing botanical extracts, this scrub rejuvenates the skin, leaving it super soft and perfectly radiant. Visit

Lavender & Organic Aloe Bath Salts from B & G Organics

Slough away that dry winterized skin with the Lavender & Organic Aloe Bath Salts from B & G Organics. Pour these sea salts into a warm bath, relax, and allow the natural oils of the lavender and aloe plant soothe your body and calm your mind… or pour a small amount on your shower floor, enjoy the aroma and exfoliate the soles of your feet… just breathe in the warmth! 100% natural. Visit

Towel Warmers from Warmly Yours

Wrapping yourself up in a warm towel after your bath or shower epitomizes luxury. And now you can enjoy that luxury with the high quality, yet affordable line of towel warmers from WarmlyYours. Easily installed by hard wire or plug, your master bathroom can be transformed into a high-end spa long before the first snowfall! Visit

Though we all openly complain about the freezing cold snowy days of winter, you have to admit that there’s something cozy, comfortable and warm about those days as well. So, this year, enhance that snuggly goodness with the gift of spa and you’ll have a winter to remember.

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