Spaaahh! Finds for Mother’s Day


Growing up, Mother’s Day meant another year, another pair of slippers for my mom. Now, having been a mom myself for the past18 months, I have had to ask myself, “What was I thinking giving her slippers?” As cliché as it sounds, being a mom is hands down the hardest job I’ve ever had. It’s also my favorite and by far the most rewarding. But as satisfying as it may be, a pair of slippers just ain’t gonna cut it. So, here are a few ideas to help inspire you on this holiday that should exist each and every day of the year.

Robe by Nimli

Ok, so, maybe this is along the same lines as a pair of slippers but this luxurious, soft and fluffy robe from Nimli is as cozy and warm as a big hug – and what mother doesn’t want that? With a terry cloth feel inside and velvety finish on the outside, this robe will satisfy any tactile craving. And it’s eco-friendly too! Visit to purchase (and while you’re at it, get your dad a matching one for Father’s Day).

The Spa Wisdom Collection from The Body Shop

Wouldn’t it be nice to send your mom off to a deserted island for Mother’s Day? Oh wait, that came out wrong. What I mean is, wouldn’t a tropical vacation be a fabulous Mother’s Day gift? Well, in this economy, that may not be possible; so instead, give her the Spa Wisdom Collection from the Body Shop. It consists of authentic and indigenous ingredients that together create enchanting fragrances, body cleansers, and moisturizers. From African Shea Butter, to Moroccan Candles to Japanese Green Tea Bathing Salts, your mom is sure to feel like an exotic beauty this Mother’s Day. Visit

Branché Silk Charmeuse Pillow Covers

The perfect gift for the multi-tasking mom, the Branché Silk Charmeuse Pillow Covers will actually beautify while you sleep. Made of the finest quality mulberry silk, Branché’s sleek pillow slips let hair and skin slip and slide as you toss and turn, preventing against knotty, broken hair and unsightly creases in the skin. It prolongs the life of hair blowouts and actually nourishes hair and skin. But my favorite thing about this silky pillowcase is the way it feels against your skin. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was a billion thread count. Talk about luxury! Visit

Keys Creek Lavender Farm Shortbread Cookie Scrub

There’s nothing like lavender to make stress just melt away. Combine that with a batch of shortbread cookies and you’re mom will be in heaven. But for those of us non-bakers out there, there’s the Shortbread Cookie Scrub from Keys Creek Lavender Farm. A treat for the body, this shea butter scrub combines the sweet fragrance of shortbread cookie dough with the stress-reducing scent of lavender for a relaxing bath time ritual. Visit for more gift ideas from San Diego’s only USDA Certified Organic lavender farm.

Manicure/Pedicure by OPI

A gift certificate to a spa is always a safe bet for putting a smile on your mom’s face but it just doesn’t ‘present well’ during a public gift-opening extravaganza, right? So, why not pair that valuable piece of paper with a product from Manicure/Pedicure by OPI for a little theme gift action? OPI is launching 3 new at-home spa treatments in an indulgent new flavor – Royal Verbena. The new products include a scrub, hydrating mask and moisturizing skin massage lotion and contain a blend of botanical & citrus extracts to smooth, hydrate and revitalize the skin. Visit

Your mom truly deserves the very best. No matter what age her children are, it’s the most challenging, (however satisfying) job in the world. Fortunately, the spa does wonders for making it just a little bit easier.

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