Step out of Your Hair Care Recession:
A Product Roundup Worth Investing In


Every year – scratch that – every month, a new array of hair products come our way. But for a while now, we’ve been holding off – counting pennies as deftly as we count grays. It’s time to change that. For 2011, hair care is getting back into deserved luxe as we crawl away from the frugality of recession and step gingerly into beauty indulgence again. Sure, we mustn’t get carried away. After all, it’s not as if our economy has been cured. But with a few of these – affordable, peppered with pricey – you’ll start to feel a bit more pampered and a bit less guilty about it.

Fresh Foot Forward

For another kind of freshness that’s equally indulgent and simultaneously invigorating, try out RUSK’s Deepshine’s Smooth Keratin Care line. The Smoothing Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner are comprised of a gentle formula meant to provide lasting protection during thermal styling. The Deep-Penetrating Treatment, is a leave-in product meant to stay on for three to five minutes and then rinsed out. The product line is made with Keratin, grape seed oil, shea butter and wheat protein to restore elasticity, lock out humidity and provide thermal protection. Deepshine is available at

Care for Color

Pureology Serious Colour Care has introduced ColourStylist – a new styling line to address all finishing needs from priming the hair to creating volume to perfecting blowouts without ruining your fresh color in the process. It’s meant to strengthen while it styles.

“The new ColourStylist products contain a new, revolutionary StrengtheningAntiFadeComplex™, enhanced with Keravis protein, to provide the first anti-breakage styling for colour-treated hair,” said Steven Henley, Senior Director of Education for Pureology. The six new formulas which include a FortifyingHeatSpray, SilkBodifier, AntiSplitBlowDry and more, are infused with reflective lipid extracts: Olive, to replenish and repair; Camelina, to form a humidity-resistant barrier and enhance color radiance; and Coriander, to create a mirror surface shine.

Turn up the Heat

If you’re tired of lifting a 10 pound dumbbell to dry your hair (the lengths you went to for frugality), reinvest in a dryer that is W8less, or at least as close to weightless as you’ll get in an industrial strength blow dryer. Also from RUSK comes the W8less Straightening Iron and Dryer, the dryer weighing in at less than a pound and pumping out 2,000 watts. With an 8-foot long cord, and six heat/speed settings, this dryer is infused with Ceramic and Tourmaline gemstones, the dryer’s goal is to reduce frizz and provide heat to the innermost layer of the cuticle, drying from the inside out. RUSK’s W8less series is available at Ulta stores.

And you thought doing the wave was so cliché. Bed Head is about to prove you wrong with the Wave Artist. You may have noticed at recent celeb-packed events like the Golden Globes, that the wave is back in action. If you’re itching to replicate it, try this new iron; it features a unique large middle barrel with tourmaline ceramic technology to create deep, shiny, loose waves. It heats up in 30 seconds and is available through or Ulta stores.

Style for Style

Or perhaps you’re more of a crazy waves kinda gal and prefer a less coiffured style – something a bit ’80s meets mod. You can achieve such a look with Rsession Tools’ Teasing Comb created by hairstylists Frank Rizzieri and Kevin Ryan. The Rsession is designed with triple rows of teeth and a thinner middle row, placed off-center to allow the comb to move create a teased texture. Available at Ricky’s stores throughout NYC.

Another power product from the genius of Sally Hershberger, Plump Up is a heat-activated thickening mist that provides hair with fullness and nourishment for a bouncier and softer style. The heat-activated formula is light enough to be layered with other products sans any heavy residue. The ginger root and pearl, along with a proprietary protein complex will make your hair feel as pampered as you do after leaving your favorite spa or hotel. We suggest a few quick sprays on towel-dried roots for healthier looking hair. Plump Up is available at Ulta, Duane Reade and Ricky’s.

No matter what your hairdo of choice this season (we’ve been diverting to the ponytail – totally boring but due to lack of motivation amid blizzards), Phytolaque Soie will give you a light hold and some extra nourishment. The light spray has natural resins and an added bonus of silk fibers to nourish as it controls. The structure of the silk fibers is almost identical to the hair’s natural keratin and will smooth down the cuticle, making dull hair shiny and lustrous. Available at and select salons.

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