Style Meets Substance at Mario Badescu

Although I can appreciate the royal treatment just as much as the next gal, sometimes a fancy facial can seem to be more about the fluff and less about skin. I’ve always put facials into a different type of spa category, and although similar to a massage in that you expect to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, you hope the induced glow and benefits will not be fleeting.

This June, with wedding month upon us, I needed to get serious about my skin in preparation for two of these events I would be attending. And thus began my search for a results oriented spa focusing more on treatment and less on the froufrou. Tucked away on East 52nd street, I found my yin/yang of skincare spas, Mario Badescu.

The roots of the Mario Badescu spa stem from customization and quality. Mario, a chemist and esthetician, created his own line with integrity. He only saw clients based on a recommendation, handcrafted each product, and designed a personalized regimen of care for each. The spa still retains that feel of personalization despite its NYC popularity, largely in part to the warmth and professionalism of the skincare specialists. The first thing I noticed when arriving at the spa, was that the simple packaging of their product line extended to the décor of the spa environment as well. The unassuming waiting room has a cozy living room feel which is a nice contrast to the wall display of A-list celebrity loyalists.

Starting with their signature European Facial, I added a Vitamin C treatment and the Q-10 treatment after researching my options online. My skincare specialist, Fanita, confirmed that this would specifically address my needs – having been a former sun worshiper with freckles and noticeable hyper-pigmentation. Fanita inspected my face like that of a diligent dermatologist before she began my treatment. The first phase was the detoxifying steam and gentle cleansing which lead into the neck massage. The neck massage furthered my state of relaxation, and was a perfect lead into the extraction portion of the facial. After my hour-long treatment was finished, my skin immediately looked more radiant and alive. Fanita took me into the product section and recommended a specific regimen of their products for homecare to help ensure that my glow would last. The plethora of product options reminded me of the customization on which the Mario Badescu brand was founded. Three weeks into following her homecare advice, and getting ready to attend wedding number one, I am happy to report that my skin looks noticeably more hydrated and healthy. In this city where one can sometimes feel style wins over substance, it’s refreshing to find a spa with a balance of both.

Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon
320 East 52nd street New York, NY 10022

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