Susan Henry’s Natural Color-Process:
Beautiful, Chemical-free Hair Color


Do you love to change your hair color and to experiment with different hues but are sensitive to chemicals, fumes or concerned about the health consequences of putting ammonia in your body? In this world turned green, it is not surprising that more and more eco-friendly, natural hair dyes are surfacing. But do they measure up to their chemical sisters? Susan Henry, a top colorist in Beverly Hills has developed Susan Henry’s Natural Color-Process a line of chemical-free hair color that delivers rich permanent color and holds up well to the challenge.

A hair color specialist who served A-list clients in L.A for 30 years, Henry was inspired to research plants as a basis for hair color after getting poisoined by the fumes of traditional hair dyes at work. Her line is the result of long research delving into the secrets of plants and experimenting in her kitchen for many months. The basis of her ingredients is composed of wheat germ, sea weed, flower and beet extracts. Alcohols are used instead of metals or formaldehyde.

You can visit her hair salon in L.A., Shades Natural Hair Studio, the first green salon in the area where her top clientele has followed her or orders at-home kits which come in black, dark brown, medium brown, copper red, golden blond and light blond. To achieve light brown with blond undertones I mixed a quarter dark brown with three quarters of blond. The color is buyoant and rich like the natural hues it is extracted from. My hair feels vibrant and pliant without the smell of ammonia or chemicals.

Add to your color kit the hair treatment Shades that Henry recommends to use after dying your hair, made out of jojoba, organic olive, apricot kennel, orange, Vitamin E and almond oil. The organic oils are hand blended and the carrier oils help enhance the medicinal properties of the essential oils. Your hair just sponges it up and turns into the smoothest baby hair ever.

Henry’s Natural Hair Color collection is available in her eco-friendly Natural Hair Studio in L.A or online at

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