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Being charitable isn’t completely altruistic – we help ourselves when we help others by improving our community and our world. Here are some big-hearted companies with broad visions to provide hope and nuts-and-bolts help for a better future. Where better to start for forging a brighter future than with babies and children? Or their mothers.

Oka B. sandals are not only comfortable for around home, yoga, spa and travel, but when you purchase the Oka B. Ballerina Pink Chloe sandals next month in October, you’ll be supporting the Young Survival Coalition. They were specifically created to support breast cancer awareness and generate financial support for the cause – so slip your feet into something that really feels good: helping this cause! Find them at www.ShoesThatLoveyou.com, along with other lovely, feet-friendly shoes.

The iconic pink bottle of Johnson’s baby lotion still evokes powdery childhood memories for many, and Johnson’s is as charitable a brand as it is a longstanding and varied one. Check out http://Johnsons.globalgiving.com and choose on their many charitable causes for your contribution, whether it’s helping families with relief funds in Myanmar, or supporting children in Bolivia or helping pre-term babies and their parents in the Bronx.

The Bath-a-Holic brand is good for the skin and good for the soul. Heather’s Hope Bar, made of goat’s milk soap, has added shea butter for softening– and a painted pink ribbon on the wrapper to indicate that 25% of net proceeds are earmarked for the Canadain breast Cancer Research Foundation. This all-natural brand is ideal for babies, kids and adults alike. Browse and buy at www.Bath-a-holic.com.

The luxurious Love Me Baby Me brand product line is free of anything you’d recoil from when reading the ingredient list, and in addition to being 100% natural, its creator Rosemary Anthony is constantly involved in charitable pursuits. Anthony has donated products to an orphanage and to gift bags for a host of charitable events. Visit www.lovemebabyme.com and purchase something, guilt-free.

Buy Mama Mio’s Boob Tube or the Boot Camp for Boobs Kit in October, and $1 of your wise purchase will go to fighting breast cancer. Find facial-quality skincare and all manner of pure, natural pregnancy products in the Mama Mio line. The Boob Tube boasts ingredients such as coQ10, rosehip seed oil, avocado oil and shea butter – it’s a push-up bra in a cream! Find it at www.mamamio.com.

The American Lung Association reports that a full 11% of schoolchildren have asthma, and offers a seven-step program to ready your child for back to school – as well as tips for new inhalers on the horizon. Visit www.lungusa.com or call 800-LUNG-USA

This is just the tip of the charity iceberg, but by supporting these brands, you support their good works. What goes around, comes around!

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