Taking the High Tech Road: Lose Inches While You Cat Nap


Arasys Perfector III
Working out while lying down on a couch watching a movie? Losing inches from trouble spots within minutes? Surely that’s another diet scam or some Houdini magic trick, right?

Nope. It’s what the Arasys Perfector III can and has been proven to do. Probably Hollywood’s best-kept secret, the Arasys is a sleek, portable electronic device that looks like a high-tech DVD player with a lot of knobs and wires. Using nanotechnology, the computerized device enables you to build muscle, whittle away inches, sculpt your body and banish cellulite.

It is now available in highly select spas in New York, including the G Spa at Hotel Gansevoort. To be honest, you’ve got to try it to understand how it works (which I will try to explain). You have some sponges placed on the areas you want to lose weight. Then the Arasys wires are clipped to the sponges and into the machine.

Dr. Xanya Sofra-Weiss, the CEO and Director of Research & Training, says that the machine “combines up to 1,000 different frequencies to form the signal that is sent to the muscle.” This is not a simple muscle stimulant like phentermine. The machine actually achieves muscle contractions that your body would make while exercising. So, in other words, it is possible to achieve the effects of an hour-long workout in a mere fifteen minutes or so! Bikini season, get a load of that!

Visit http://www.arasysperfector.com for more information.

No-needle Mesotherapy
Mesotherapy aficionados can sympathize with “needle-phobia.” Who wants to be pricked like a balloon each time you go to the spa? Smooth Synergy is New York’s first and only cosmedical spa to offer no-needle mesotherapy, which is as comfortable a treatment as a deep tissue massage.

FDA approved and a safe alternative to injections, the Transderm Ionto System (used in non-needle mesotherapy) is essentially a drug delivery machine that localizes the administration of ionic drugs (as opposed to needle-based mesotherapy where injections are administered into several areas of your body so that the middle skin layer can absorb them).

After my initial treatment, I felt absolutely great and stimulated, as though I had received a well-kneaded massage. I did feel as though a few millimeters had been drained from my sludgy thighs, but you’ll need a set of at least four to five sessions to see palpable results.

Smooth Synergy Spa is located at 686 Lexington Avenue (between 56th and 57th). Visit http://www.smoothsynergy.com for more information.

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