The Jewel Box of Skin Care


Instead of over indulging in chocolate, pamper yourself with something precious on Valentine’s Day. No, not with diamond studded gold earrings or pearl pendants – that’s for guys to worry about – instead, treat your skin with products containing ingredients fit for a queen.

Science weary beauty junkies should note that although conclusive research is not yet available, precious metals may play a role in trapping free radicals, says Dr. Jeannette Graf, dermatologist and author of Stop Aging, Start Living.

We suspect that La Mer: The Cleansing Foam is the ocean’s gift to beauty. Infused with sea algae fibers, fine jade and pearl powders, the cleanser lathers into a gentle foam that smells oh-so-lovely. Sea algae’s calming properties ensure won’t leave even the most sensitive skin irritated, while jade and white pearl powders brighten and restore your complexion. No wonder the Little Mermaid got the prince, she must have used La Mer.

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Who doesn’t want a tighter tush or a bustier bust? Everyone wants taut and smooth skin — even your size 2 cubicle neighbor. The days of high school youth are over and you need to put your beauty routine to work. Start with Osmotics Cosmoceuticals Blue Copper 5 Age Repair Body Lift containing copper peptide, which has clinically proven anti-aging technology that increases skin firmness and reduces stretch marks. According to Dr. Neil Sadick, dermatologist and researcher, copper peptides have been shown to stimulate new collagen and help with wrinkles. So don’t be stingy, lavish yourself all over. We find it especially refreshing post-shower.

Now that you have anti-aging defense for the body, make sure that you’re armed with Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Serum, an anti-aging product for the face and neck. Quartz helps with collagen synthesis as a network of proteins aid in the tightening effect. In addition to quartz, Rhodochrosite and Padina Pavonica play a vital role in the effectiveness of the serum. Rhodochrosite, a semi-precious pink gemstone, promotes cellular renewal and skin while padina pavonica, a potent algae, creates crystals of Calcium that show an anti-aging effect on the skin. No doubt your complexion will sparkle.

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During the cold winter months we’re lucky to get an hour of sunlight each day. Needless to say, pasty skin is not sexy. Instead of dashing for a tanning salon, opt for Per-fékt Body Perfection Gel which feels as light as soufflé upon application and leaves skin with a smooth healthy glow. Mica particles sparkle with a gold tint when coated with iron oxide, a common ingredient in cosmetics that date back to Cleopatra’s vanity. Henri Bendel NYC, Fred Segal LA

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially when you can coat your body with the dazzler. Borba Firming Micro-Diamond Body Polish is a skin rejuvenator that stimulates microcirculation as it massages using diamond powder and Guanabana, a fruit that’s enriched with Vitamins C, B1 and B2. Exfoliation just reached a new level of grandeur.

Instead of ‘sultry’, preparations for V-Day, turn to ‘purity’ with Comfort Zone Absolute Pearl Cream SPF 12. The cream contains pearl powder high in content of amino acids and mineral salts, which illuminate dull, parched skin by adding moisture. Focus on the face, neck, décolleté and hands and you won’t have any trouble luring kisses. Purity has its advantages.

Notice how your mood improves when sunshine greets you in the morning, filling your day with radiance? Well, Julisis Gold Neroli Toner Day is pretty much said sunshine bottled. With aurum potabile (liquid gold) as one of the prime ingredients, the toner leaves skin refreshed and ready to face the day. As for the gold aspect, Dr. Sadick, said that when ingested orally, gold has anti-inflammatory properties, however, no scientific study proved its efficacy when applied topically. On the other hand, Paracelsus, a 16th-century Swiss alchemist, believed it has some amazing properties. You decide.

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