The Nitty, Gritty of Summer Hair


When it’s time to shampoo away the sand, sunscreen, pollution and sweat of summer, your regular shower routine may not cut it. Remember, it’s not just your strands that have gone through the ringer, it’s your scalp too. While you may already be treating yourself to some deep conditioning, consider the deep-cleansing scalp treatment products below to add to your post-summer pampering. If you’re really in for a self-treat, take a trip to the spa sanctuary, Phyto Universe, for an expert scalp exfoliation. Cleansing your scalp once a month will ensure that your hair buds and tresses remain healthy; a once-a-month commitment worth making.

There are two Phyto Universe locations: one in Paris and another in New York City, where nature and elegance meet effective hair science. Once comfortably ensconced at a hair diagnostic station near the 2850 sq-ft. vertical garden wall of 9,000 tropical plant species, your hair and scalp analysis will determine what your hair needs – and which Phyto products will best enhance it. Dry, brittle, thinning, color-treated, aging, lifeless, thin and limp hair are all transformed with 100 percent essential oils in the nurturing Phyto Universe. A scalp cleansing includes a head massage and unique perks such as a Petrossian Bakery cookie and visit to the Caron fragrance room. The relaxing, scalp-cleansing process takes approximately 90 minutes, and leaves your hair stronger, softer and more lustrous.

PhytoSpecific’s Phytogrowth Serum is specifically formulated to help fortify the scalp with vital nutrients and promote hair growth. Skincare treatments are offered at this natural oasis as well. Visit or call 212-308-0270 to book a hair spa appointment at 715 Lexington Avenue at 58th Street.

Another excellent line with scalp-cleansing and enhancing products is Philip Kingsley. This scalp health range features targeted offerings such as Flaky Scalp, Scalp Tonic and Scalp Mask to home in on specific conditions. Trichologist (hair scientist) Philip Kingsley has crafted nuanced and high quality scalp products that render hair silky, clean and glossy. Find them all at or at the Philip Kingsley Salon at 16 East 52nd Street.

If you’d rather deep-cleanse your scalp at home, Carita Paris Revitalizing Scrub for Scalp oxygenates, purifies and soothes the scalp while eliminating dead cells. Sunflower seeds, jojoba spheres and menthol exfoliate and impart a pleasing fragrance. Caritrix tones the scalp and activates micro-circulation, reinforcing hair strength with juniper berry extract, rosemary, sweet orange extract, castor oil, and pure sulphur. Find both of these scalp-revitalizing products at

Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream is ideal for swimmers, runners and anyone active in the summer sun. Deeply hydrating and without suds, this scalp and hair cleanser works without the harsh detergents usually found in conventional cleansers. Dirt and grime are dissolved by a blend of honey, lemongrass extract, hops, crambe abyssinica seed oil and emollient panthenol. If the sun has baked your hair and scalp, soothe it with Hair Rules Aloe Grapefruit Purifying Shampoo. Find both at and Ricky’s NY. Hair Rules contains no sulfates or parabens, which is well worth supporting.

This summer when you wash out the gritty reminders of the beach, don’t forget to target your scalp – the very root of healthy hair.

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