The Ultimate Dog Bed…and the cats that love it

I love great looking problem solvers.

My two lively and lovable kitties, Molly and Simon, now 11 years old were having a wee bit of trouble jumping up on our high bed. Sometimes they made it, sometimes they fell and sometimes I ended up with little claw holes on the side of our expensive mattress or the pricey sheets covering it. And since they’re not getting any younger, it’s a problem that would only get worse. I spent a year unsuccessfully shopping for a little step ladder that would blend into our décor. I searched fancy pet boutiques and fine house and garden emporiums and found everything from precious Victorian reproductions to hi-tech chic, but nothing that would fit in with my eclectic décor.

I spent a lot of time barking up the wrong trees until I finally came across this perfect ladder plus bed-for-two combination from Lazybonezz. Called The Metropolitan, it’s not only well made and beautiful to look at, but the kitties love it! They approached it cautiously at first, as cats would with any new intrusion in their space. But it only took a few short days until they realized that this was just for them. Ok, the alluring sprinkle of catnip on the cushions didn’t hurt either!

They now play like kittens running up and down the steps, or simply using them as a means to get onto the bed late at night. Sometimes they share the top level, and sometimes they each claim a bunk for themselves. Why not? The fluffy pillows are so soft and comfy and perfect for a relaxing snooze anytime of the day or night. A hanging tail from the top bed is always good reason for a playful grab from the one on the bottom bed. Who would have thought that a bed would bring such an increase in playtime activity and exercise?

This beautifully made bed and ladder combo is available in a number of high gloss wood finishes, ebony, espresso or white, and each comes with a different microfiber fabric covered cushion that washes easily. I love the zebra print, but I also I bought some sheet fabric to wrap around the cushions so that their bed matches ours when I want a different look. The construction is quite sturdy and the bed is perfect for your menagerie!

Available: Bed Bath & Beyond, Gracious Home, NYC and

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