Think Less of Yourself in the New Year: Hypnosis and Weight Loss


Most people can stand to lose at least a few pounds, and the start of a new calendar year is usually when everyone buckles down to examine their belt notches. Whether you need to shed five pounds or 50, here’s why you should consider hypnosis as a viable weight loss tool.

NYC Hypnotist Marc Carlin at the Hypnosis Center can convince you that you’ve had a Gastric Band placed on your stomach, effectively limiting you to a golf ball size portion when you eat. What’s more (and far better): you won’t eat more than your allotted portion. People sometimes mistakenly imagine that they’ll lose control of their mind and behavior when hypnotized, but I put it to the test, and it feels more like being in a deep, meditative state. There’s never a time when you lose control, yet you’ll feel so relaxed that it’s akin to having a daydream – one in which your goals are reinforced subconsciously. You’ll “come to” feeling relaxed and ready to tackle whatever you’ve chosen as a goal: weight loss, a sleep disorder, to stop smoking, to be a better athlete or musician, to manage pain, have more energy, exercise, an alcohol or drug problem, or to banish a fear. Even when you’re in a hypnotic state, you’re never unaware of what’s happening around you – you’re simply more relaxed and open.

Marc Carlin’s Virtual Gastric Band Surgery, which originated in England and remains popular there, is especially effective and was featured on local NYC news as a tool for managing holiday overeating. I tried 4 sessions with Marc Carlin, lost 8 pounds, and found that many of my clothes were fitting differently. Another interesting side effect of my visits was looking at portion sizes with a gimlet eye, and questioning whether I should let a restaurant chef or anyone else determine my portion sizes. I took control of when, what and how much I ate, scaling back to small meals that would have seemed like a hors d’oeuvre before my visits. This had a snowball effect: less and controlled portions of food sparked more energy, which led to more exercise, which resulted in more weight loss and the foundation for a new, improved approach to eating. Others have had similar, and sometimes more dramatic, success after trying this approach.

Sometimes all you need to fuel change is a fresh perspective and an encouraging voice in your ear, guiding and supporting your efforts – and this is what Marc Carlin offers with his distinctive hypnosis approach. He immediately puts you at ease with a wealth of insight and humor – and face it, if you can sit in a comfortable, pillow-like leather chair, daydream for a few moments, come to, have more energy and your appetite curbed, wouldn’t you call this a dream come true? I thought so, too.

Visit to watch Marc’s videos and to learn more about his process, or call the center for more information. As Marc Carlin would say: “I expect small things from you.”

The Hypnosis Center
220 East 54th St. Suite 1B
New York, NY 10022
212 223-1832

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