Three Beauty Resolutions to Ditch in 2008


With every New Year’s Day that inevitably rolls around, women across the land put together a list of promises to themselves…promises to skip the cookies, hit the gym, take better care of themselves, dump the loser, spend less (I’m speaking of other women here) and of course, maintain the pretty. While we at BN support you in whatever you do, wait…not so fast -some beauty resolutions, you’re better off ditching.

Resolution 1: I resolve to never hit the sheets with a full face of makeup. Now, where’s my eye makeup remover?


While a nightly skin routine is important, even the most saintly of us can’t manage eye makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream and more after a few cocktails or an extra long evening at the office. For those occasions, try Face Boutique’s Sweep Clean Cleansing Cloths, moistened with the Brit brand’s Peachy Clean gentle facial cleanser. Basil and Geranium oils help balance skin and the cloths effectively remove daily grime without drying or irritating the skin. Available at Space NK stores or at

Resolution 2: I resolve to never leave the house without my trusty foundation. Perfect skin is in!


We hear ya – there isn’t a season when perfect skin isn’t desirable. But put down the foundation brush and give your skin a breather with Prescriptives new Custom Blend Tinted Moisturizer. Packaged in an easy to use slim pump, light in texture and easy to apply, Prescriptives’ custom blend experts can even add ingredients to firm, lift, brighten and clarify. Visit Bergdorf Goodman for your own custom blend Tinted Foundation or for store locations.

Resolution 3 – I resolve to treat myself to weekly salon manicures.


I can safely say that absolutely nothing makes me feel better or more in charge than looking down at my hands and seeing a perfect manicure. And while manicures may be the one thing in New York that remains reasonably priced, my time is valuable and it’s sometimes hard to find that precious hour to sneak in weekly to get a perfect ten. Luckily, getting the perfect at-home manicure is simple once you have the tools of the trade at hand. For a spa experience at home, try CND’s SpaManicure Duo, which pairs Exfoliating Crystals with a Crystal Activator, leaving skin on your hands and arms citrus scented and ultra-soft. Keep a small stash of cuticle nippers, cuticle oil, files and your favorite polish shades -try Dashing Diva (they also make the sassy nail files pictured above), OPI or Essie for great, classic colors – and you’ll never have to wait in the local salon again.

Did you make any beauty resolutions for 2008? Send me an email at [email protected] and tell me about it. Your resolution may appear in a future issue of!

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