Tuberose Trio – a Triple Treat for the Senses


One could write tomes about the history of perfume, and Gerald Ghislain, considers himself not only a perfumer, but a story teller who loves to tell stories on people’s skin. His library of fragrances, Histoires de Parfums, are often fashioned to tell us a story about a character, historical year, or an ingredient. His latest creation…rather three creations, Tuberose Trilogy, are a most novel approach to glorify the mysterious and highly aromatic tuberose flower. Discovered in Mexico, and now also grown in India, this unique plant blooms but once a year, and only at night. In this trilogy, Ghislain has used the tuberose in these three new perfumes, and has paired them each with a cast of characters – or rather other fragrance notes – so that each one tells a different story and says something unique.

Tubereuse 1 – Capricieuse (capricious) – can be described as a powdery floral, but it’s so much more complex. Opening with a hint of bergamot, it soon hits your nose with freshly bloomed tuberose. As it sits on your skin and warms, a delicate saffron spice appears, along with iris and ylang-ylang. The final chapter of suede and cocoa leave an addictive trail of scent. When I wear this perfume, I simply can’t stop myself from compulsively putting my wrist under my nose every few minutes.

Ghislain describes the Tuberose 1 woman as stubborn, demanding and temperamental with a natural sense of sophistication, modesty and pride.

Tuberose 2 – Virginale (virginal) – is a floral oriental that evokes the sweetness of Tahiti. Effervescent mandarin orange combined with luscious cherry, jasmine and frangipani surround the tuberose to blend and complement. Hours later it drifts into notes of patchouli leaf, blond wood and vanilla. While I adore both 1 and 2, I prefer No 2, even though it doesn’t create the same wrist sniffing compulsion as No. 1.

Tuberose woman 2 is multi faceted; sweet and charming by day, then dangerous at night. She’s definitely not afraid to embrace her wild child!

Tuberose 3 – Animale (animal) – exudes power and inner strength as it blends tuberose with tobacco and leather. But before it gets there, we’re treated to neroli, kumquat, plum and dry grasses. This fragrance can surely be worn comfortably by either men or women.

Tuberose woman 3 has strength, and mystery surrounds her. Ghislain says she’s seductive and sexy. He doesn’t talk about the man who wears number 3, but I’m certain he’s not your run of the mill after shave kind of guy!

All three are currently under consideration for a FiFi award – the “Academy Award” of the Fragrance Foundation!

Available: Takashimaya (until they close in June) and

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