Two Spas That Will Make Your Tootsies Sing: [Moss Spa & Allure Day Spa]


One of these warm, sunny spring days hop on a train and get out of NYC- and head straight for idyllic Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. Moss Spa created by Melissa Tara, is part of an 18th century house that Melissa has given an earthy character with color schemes of green, brown, and orange. She’s even hung crystals to help energy flow according to rules of Feng Shui. Melissa explained that she wanted to create a place to heal the body, mind, and spirit while offering state of the art treatments.

mani-pedi-mossfieldlogo.jpg mani-pedi-yogapose.jpg

I am there to receive their “green” manicure and pedicure, which uses SpaRitual products (these come in degradable packaging, use water-soluble inks, and select plant sources that are wild-crafted and organic) in an environmentally conscious effort to create an amazing spa experience. My therapist is the enthusiastic and friendly Malgosia.

My treatment begins with a foot soak in a copper basin (the basin reduces energy consumption and uses less water than jet baths) and the Harmonizing Soak Tonic containing Italian Mandarin essential oil and my choice of SpaRitual bath salts. My feet enjoy a refreshing Visionary Cleanser with French Juniper Berry essential oil, and I delight in the scent of French Lavender from the Infinitely Wise Fragrant Mist sprayed in the air to set the mood. I’m feeling pretty blissful.

Malgosia uses the Affirming Scrub Masque with Indonesian Ginger to exfoliate, and follows up with a foot and calf massage with the Indonesian Ginger moisturizing lotion. During the pedicure, I amuse myself with The Chroma Guide, an index of polish colors and their numerological meanings. I choose #249, Flight of Fancy, a shimmering ivory that means “imagination” and tells me to “Take my mind to the limit. Then go beyond.” This is my cup of tea.

After my feet are wrapped in warm, moist towels that dissolve tension, and biodegradable paper slippers are placed on my feet to allow my polish to dry, I indulge in an equally blissful manicure.
Moss is a place of exceptional hospitality and comfort, and I leave knowing that my visit has created as minimal negative impact on the environment as possible. Try to make it to their grand opening May 20th, when they will offer special treatments and donate 25% of the profits to the America the Beautiful conservation fund. It doesn’t get much greener than Moss.

Moss Spa/Yoga
117 Main Street
Cold Spring Harbor, New York 11724


Following the flickering of candles, I descend down the stairs into Allure Day Spa. The interior is windowless, but not lacking light- it’s a bright, airy sanctuary below ground. I’m greeted by the staff and offered tea as I wait for my pedicure treatment in front of a bowl of fresh flowers and floating candles.


I’m receiving the Holistic Reflexology Pedicure, and my Romanian-trained pedicurist Viorica begins the indulging. She is an expert with pedicure tools, and my toes and feet are soaked in a foaming bath with jets, filed, exfoliated with an invigorating peppermint scrub, and massaged. Viorica spends an extensive amount of time massaging each foot and calf, hitting prime reflexology points on my soles (though I’m not sure why my spleen got so much attention). Viorica says the results of the pedicure should last for a month for me, but others with issues like ingrown toenails and extreme foot conditions should go at least every two weeks.

The manicure is as relaxing. My hands are soaked in Epicurean’s Wild Lavender Bath Salts and massaged with Creative Scentsations Birch and Mint Lotion. My hands look spectacular when I leave.

The service at Allure is great. My only recommendation would be to bring your own bottle of polish to experiment with the latest colors – read our story on summer nail colors for some of the season’s newest additions to the nail color spectrum.

Allure Day Spa and Hair Design
139 East 55th Street

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