A few years ago, we met up with effervescent J Mikel Sacher, who left her career in the beauty industry to launch her own line of dog products FUR (http://www.furdogsnyc.com). She was inspired to strike out on her own by her love for Zak, her sweet West Highland Terrier. Zak’s silhouette even became her logo. We caught up with this Mikel recently to talk about her latest adventures.

Metro Pets: What have you, Zak and FUR been up to since we last spoke to you about 2 years ago?
J Mikel Sacher: We’ve met a ton of dogs, helped them clean up their acts, save big on vet bills, and have worked with celebrity vet Dr. Cindy Bressler. Zak and I were even invited to be on the Dr. Oz TV show too! We had a blast and did the segment called Doggie 911 to help people learn how to do doggie CPR and more! We also got so many requests for our product in towns where we don’t sell, that we had to launch a shopping cart to accommodate everyone at http://www.shop.furdogsnyc.com.

Metro Pets: Sounds like an amazingly busy couple of years. When we last spoke at NY’s Pet Fashion
Week you were thinking of new products to add to your shampoo and conditioner. What’s the latest on that?
J Mikel Sacher: We created amazing note cards. We love to counterbalance all the necessary (and somewhat impersonal communication ) we do through email, tweeting and social media so we’d like to keep Mont Blanc and Cross pens flowing with gracious thank-you cards.

We have also developed different ways to use our products to get clean and stay healthy between baths with the SWIPE AND WIPE! We suggest that customers do the SWIPE AND WIPE daily between baths, and after walks and playtime. We will a demo on this on have this on You Tube soon!

Metro Pets: Sounds intriguing!
J Mikel Sacher: To do the SWIPE AND WIPE – customers SWIPE a pump of FUR foam directly on pup paws and then WIPE off grime from playtime with a damp cloth or paper towel. Sooo easy!!!

Metro Pets: It can’t have all been fun establishing your products. What challenges have you faced that you didn’t think you would encounter selling doggie products?
J Mikel Sacher: Being a sole proprietor and a one-woman “band” has been very challenging! Since my background is in beauty (I worked for Aveda, Slatkin and Co, and L’Atelier du Savon) FUR has been nicknamed DOGGIE LE MER and that makes me so happy to know people get the connection between beauty, science and dog health care products!

I suppose my main challenge has been educating pet store owners how to sell FUR as a skincare products. I always educate my customers the features and benefits rather than simply sell my line as JUST a cleanser or JUST a conditioner! I love all my customers, but my beauty junkies understand the importance of anti-oxidants and essential oils so much faster! But we are helping the world one dog at a time and it is working!

Metro Pets: Ever thought – why am I doing this?
J Mikel Sacher: All the time! But I surround myself with positive entrepreneurs that are great sounding boards that help me stay focused! Of course, I also rely on my wonderful, handsome Zak for encouragement! I look into Zak’s brown eyes for daily wags!

I literally live, breathe and eat dog – I get my haircut at Roberto Novo salon where his Frenchies are mascots, I eat in outside cafes that allow my pup to recline while I dine and I stop to kiss every dog I meet!

Metro Pets: So give us the scoop, what’s next?
J Mikel Sacher: Working with editorial makeup artists and more media ventures that can get FUR into the right paws! I am on a MISSION to work with Dog loving designers like Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Adam Lippe, John Barrett and Lela Rose. I see FUR as the ultimate gift at a Fashion Show – so the Chic Canines can swag and wag with their human counterparts!

For retail locations for the Moringa Seed and Calendula Foaming Cleanser and Detangler go to http://www.furdogsnyc.com

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