Valentine’s Day Awards


Beauty News is giving out “awards” for the best, most Valentine’s Day-worthy products that you can utilize this February 14th and beyond. These products are prime candidates for any date night look, and can be used alone or in tandem to achieve a soft, romantic glow whether you are having a one-off date, engaging in a little speed dating, are in a long-term relationship or are happily a singleton who would rather sip Appletinis with your girlfriends and dish about YSL pumps or Stella McCartney’s latest collection.

Most Valuable Player (In an Emergency Situation): Tweezerman’s FileMate nail file is as reliable as, you know, a soul mate. Stamped with pink and red lips, this self-contained file smoothes snags and jagged edges on the go. He probably won’t notice your nails, but you will be aware of any chips or uneven tips, so it’s best to take care of the problem before it distracts you, via this file. FileMate is enclosed in its own clear, portable snap case, so it’ll never dull or get hopelessly lost in that black hole that is your new Alexander Wang tote. I treated myself to Donna, the zipper-adorned slouchy hobo by Wang, last year, so and it’s on my mind, hence the shout out.

Sweetest Shade: Nothing reminds us of Valentine’s Day more than those cute little conversation heart candies. Stila Make Me Blush Palette is inspired by those sweet treats. Embossed pink, coral and gold hearts can be swirled together with a massive, fluffy brush to customize and brighten your cheeks in the most confectionary, one-of-a-kind way.

Most Likely to Save Your Dry, Cracked Lips: When there isn’t a drop of moisture in the air, Aquaphor Lip Repair works overtime to keep your kisser in smooch-worthy shape. Lube your lips with this balm to relieve dryness, soothe cracks and irritations. It’s ultra-thick consistency seals in moisture for a long period of time and ironically, it added shine and softness to my weather-reddened lips, effectively making my winter-weary lips look shiny and stained! As if that was my intention. Eureka, I guess!

All Around MVP: Becca’s Fallen Angel Collection, with its ethereal, smoky eyes, and romantic, nude-pink lip, covers all the bases and takes the MVP prize. The Fallen Angel Palette is a trifecta of pretty pinkness and versatility. Sunrise (gold gloss), Nectar (lip and cheek crème) and Narcissus (coral highlighter) are mix and match. In fact, I suggest switching functions entirely by dabbing Sunrise on your cupid’s bow and smudge Narcissus on the center of your lips. The mirrored palette fits anywhere and will keep your date night clutch light and low maintenance.


Honorable Mentions: Becca Beach Tints, which amp up the intensity of any product like bronzer, powder blush, lip gloss or lip balm, are multi-tasking monoliths! The Grapefruit tint is an enhance-all; use it to get a little glow , highlight and arousing citrus scent wherever you see fit. It’s also kiss resistant, so you’ll shine on through dinner and drinks if you dab on lips. I use them on my brow bone. Also, Becca’s Glossy Tints lace lips with a blinding wash of shine and airy color. You will want to marry Flirtini, a sheer, muted mauve that goes with any eye look, dramatic or subtle.

Best Substitute: No date on February 14th? Newly single and loving it? They say a women needs a man like a fish need a bicycle, so if you are Valentine-free in the ’11, Urban Decay fills the void with its cheeky Pocket Rocket gloss, which is a favorite at Beauty News so we keep suggesting it to our lovely and talented readership. Toasty crème brulée flavor and slick shine, as well as the muscular men who adorn the tubes and lend their name to the product, elevate these glosses to “must wear.” I am cheating on my man with Doug. He’s a silver-speckled, hot pink.

Sexiest Shine: Napoleon Perdis Lip Lacquers drench your pout with mega wattage shine for the Sexiest Valentine’s Day lips you could ever hope to expose. “They are lips that communicate from a distance,” Perdis told Beauty News NYC about how to achieve the luscious, sexiest lips possible..”First apply Lip Veil – gold and the beautiful to pronounce the pout, then lip line the lip to give it boundary. Then apply Lip Lacquer for romantic shine – that beautiful mirror finish. A woman marks her territory by leaving her lip mark. So this Valentine’s Day – mark your territory.” Oh Napoleon, you devil. Your Lip Lacquers – especially the sheer, candy apple Bitten Rouge, the gilded Lolita Lane and punchy shellac Pink Lemonade- leave an indelible, metaphorical mark.

Best Low Calorie Alternative: Skip the pounds-adding chocolates and candy assortments this Valentine’s Day without ignoring your sweet tooth thanks to Lip Elixirs. Kukui Nut, Aloe Butter and Cocoa Butter commingle for a soft and supple, waxy balm cocktail. The tins are housed like a box o’ chocolates and come in lip-licking flavors like Chocolate Martini, Vanilla Bourbon and Mojito, so whatever flavor you desire on whatever day is at your fingertips! They’re also unisex, so if your date or BF is proudly “metro,” he’ll dig these, too.

Unsung Hero: He probably won’t be analyzing the shape of your brows, but you’ll be focused on him if you feel good about your overall look, which includes your eye toppers. Shobha Brow Pencils – Earth for brunettes, Sand for blondes- shape, fill and build color; an added benefit is that they are paraben-free. The packaging also unlocks tips, brow anatomy and trivia, resulting in mistake-proof brows. You can use as much or as little as you want to design perfect, simple, dramatic, well-arched brows. It’s waterproof, so you literally have no worries.

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