Vote For Your Favorite Skincare Product!

With the election just around the corner, we thought we’d start flexing our voting muscles with a little “Best Of” competition of our own. Here’s the skinny on how it went down:
The Question: “What is your favorite skin care product?”
The Respondents: Beauty News editors and writers, along with trusted friends and family members.
The Results: Take a gander; they range from the super cheap to uber-chic, from eco-friendly to acne-slaying.

First up, the drugstore winners. These beauty finds are not only highly recommended, they’re bargains to boot! In the acne category, Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser is…ahem…the clear, winner. Voter Kristi says that she’s been using Clean & Clear since she was a wee lass of just 13, and over 10 years later is still loving it. Speaking of face washes, adorable Audrey swears by Cetaphil (with or without SPF) and tells me that it keeps her peaches n’ cream complexion clean as a whistle (and come to think of it, I’ve never seen a blemish on her be-freckled face). Olay products get a nod for heavy duty moisturizing, with BN Editor Amy swearing that – “my oily-skinned grandmother used previous incarnations daily, and her skin was smooth and wrinkle-free late into her life, so I’m taking her lead.” Cautious Carol, who is highly allergic to most skin products swears by Gold Bond hand cream – she says it’s the ONLY thing that doesn’t make her break out into hives. Several voters mentioned Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 80 – a surefire wrinkle fighter. Sensible Shelby holds a particular affection for plain-old Vaseline for lip protection. She says nothing else does the trick. Last on the list, but certainly the most easily accessible, BN Editor Sharon recommends: plain old salt. The table kind. Mix it in with body lotion or baby oil to get a great body scrub – great for evening out skin before tanning, or banishing dry spots in winter. Note: Stay away from sea or kosher salts, they’re too abrasive.

Moving on to the boutique brands…These products are little pricier, but definitely worth the extra pennies. Another winner, by a mile: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Bi-Coastal Alysia swears by this product so much so that she keeps one in her house in New York, one in her place in Los Angeles, and one in her travel kit. Rounding out the acne recommendations is good old Proactiv. Voter Michelle has been a Proactiv supporter for several years, and says nothing slays her cystic acne like this trio of cleanser/toner/lotion. She reports that this informercial is “the only one worth its weight in gold.” Sistahs in skin care Adrian and Dawn both give high marks to Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer, they say that it’s on the thicker side but is awesome in the winter or to slick up any dry patch that needs moisture. My unique pal Ulku loves Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser. She says it smells great, and does its job well. Generous Tijana buys L’Occitane: Shea Butter Hand Cream in bulk. She says that every time she hands this out as a gift, she converts someone to this rich, deluxe, cream, and ruins them forever for anything else. BN Editor Amy also raves about Sabon’s Body Oil in Vanilla. She says “I am addicted to the warm vanilla scent, which thankfully, is not overly sugary, cloying or ‘foodish’ like some vanillas tend to be. It’s like liquid silk, giving my legs and arms a little sheen in the summer and fall. A little post-shower spritz locks in moisture all day.” Lastly, gloss addict Katie says she always stashes C & O Bigelow Lip Gloss in Mint in all 12 of her purses. She swears by the shine, and loves that the gloss moonlights as a breath mint. Snap!

Many of our voters are eco-conscious, and so we’ve created a special category for the great eco-brands they’ve recommended. Voter Lesley loves Astara, both the Golden Flame Mask and the Green Papaya Nutrient Mask, she reports that they are really restorative and make her face “all glowy.” Soon-to-be Mom, Alysia raved about the Blooming Lotus Groundation Body Lotion, she says the products are all organic, smell amazing, are sans grease, and great for gals with pregger bellies – she’s due in December! BN Writer Yelena recommends the Carey & Co Citrus and Spice Ultra-Moisturizing Scrub, it’s an extreme – but not harsh – exfoliation. Finally, BN Editor B.Kim, loves the Zia Natural Skin Care Line, she reports that it moisturizes and fights wrinkles, all without harsh chemicals. Bonus!

Last, but certainly not least, the high rollers of this competition, the blue chip investors who believe that skin care is a better investment than many stocks. Voter Melissa, says that the Laura Mercier Multi-Vitamin Serum is more than worth the sticker shock, as it completely soothes her Rosacea. Multiple raves sent in for Crème de la Mer Under-Eye Cream. One savvy shopper waits all year for the Fred Segal 40% store-wide sale and buys five jars at a time, to horde for the rest of the year. BN Editor Amy loves Gabriel Couzian Highly Nourishing Body Cream. She says that even though it’s no frills and has a slight medicinal scent – it is absolutely out of this world, and gives her super smooth skin all day, every day. Bonus tip: mix in a drop or two of Bath and Body Works moisturizers (Brown Sugar, Fig, or Sea Island Cotton are all good ones) to give it a customized scent. Voter Tijana is also all about the serum. She uses NARS Essential Vitamin Serum on a daily basis, to prep her face for makeup. Finally, super high roller BN Editor Candice says “I absolutely can’t live without my Skinceuticals C&E Ferulic Serum. Knowing how perishable and sensitive to light vitamin C is, I keep it in its cardboard box and when I use it everyday, I turn off my bathroom lights, and apply it in the darkened room and don’t turn the lights on until the bottle is back in its box.” Talk about dedication!

So BN readers, what do you think? Give us your votes!

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