Yes, But This New Year Will Be Different

The holidays are arriving and following them, the mile long list of resolutions that no one expects to keep beyond January 3rd. But despite your inherent realism about the situations of others (your neurotic sister’s plan to “start doing cleanses” is as realistic as your local homeless woman’s plan to communicate with extraterrestrials using an aluminum can phone) it helps to be supportive of others.

With innumerable holiday skin care packages being advertised, find one that focuses on your loved ones’ goals for the upcoming year. Whether they combat wrinkles, breakouts, stress, or the thousands of other problems that target the skin, they’ll have a product that keeps their skin as firm as their resolve. And to show you’re too good a person to buy them just a packaged gift set and be done with it, pair your gift with something else to help support their goal. With you behind them, this resolution can be the one that sticks.

New Year’s Resolution: “This year I’m going to help save the Earth”

Thousands of people will resolve to save the world – in more of an eco-conscious than an “outsmarting-the-super-villains” type way. Laden with antioxidants such as olive oil and white tea, Terralina’s Skincare Gift Set is packaged in what were once plastic bags on the streets of New Delhi. All the products are free of parabens, PEGs, ethoxylates, glycols, acrylates, silicones, and artificial fragrance. I’m in love with the facial moisturizer and would marry it if it promised to do the dishes.
Pick the Facial Regimen (Facial Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer) for $83 or the full Gift Set (including Body Lotions) for $105.00 at

Accompanying Gift Idea: Pick them up a potted plant so they can have a little part of the earth they’re saving and donate money in their name to The Nature Conservancy.

New Year’s Resolution: “This year I’m going to start working out. No, seriously.”

Oh, the crowded gyms of January. If we were able to harness the power generated by new years resolution workouts, we could solve the country’s energy crisis in minutes. For the loved one who’ll suddenly be lugging a gym bag to the office, pick up VMV Hypoallergenics Id Gift Set, targeted toward the sensitive athlete. The set contains cleanser, toner, exfoliating lotion and sweat acne gel and includes a hanging toiletry kit. $65.00 at

Accompanying Gift Idea: To complete the package, pick up a pair of flip-flops to keep their feet away from the shower floors and a $10 iPod gift card with a recommended playlist.

New Years Resolution: “This year I’m going to focus on myself in addition to worrying about everyone else.”
There are some people who can’t seem to stop pampering themselves, but we rarely come into contact with these people as they are busy getting three hour massages in their penthouses while having their staff feed them grapes. For someone who rarely spends money on (or has time for) herself, The Holiday Collection from La Mer is the ultimate splurge. The gift contains La Mer’s three signature treatments: Crème de La Mer, The Lifting Face Serum, and the Eye Concentrate wrapped in a classic gift box. Gift set is $530 at

Accompanying Gift Idea: If she really needs an accompanying gift for this, try a Godiva chocolate bar or a trip to Provence (if you can afford it!)

New Years’ Resolution: “This year I will be more open to change.”

Whether it’s the change that comes with the swearing-in of a new president or a promise to adapt to life as it hits you, few resolutions are more far reaching than accepting that things will not always stay the same. A package like Clinique’s Make it Moisture offers the ease of a classic name with products that aren’t afraid to change for the better. Includes a 12 hour moisturizer that adapts to your skin based on changes in temperature and humidity, a superbalm lip treatment and All About Eyes Rich – an eye cream that will help ease the wrinkles accumulated when a little more change than you expected arrives.

Accompanying Gift Idea: Pick them up a journal that reminds you of them. They’ll appreciate the thought regarding their personal style and, after all the change that life doles out, it’ll give them a safe and productive place to vent some of their feelings.

Limited Edition. $42 at Fine department stores and

New Year’s Resolution: “This year I will stop smoking.”

There are thousands of reasons to stop smoking – most important being your health and the health of those around you. But since it’s often difficult to stick to a resolution without some solid results (it’s not like you can see years added onto your life) give your newly determined nonsmoker something whose results they can see. Rather than speeding up aging by going through a pack a day, Kiehl’s offers a make your own gift package. Consider including the Cryste Marine Firming Serum, which helps to improve the resilience and radiance of the skin or their Unusually Rich-But-Not-Greasy-At-All Hand Cream, with SPF 20, since why protect against smoking and let the sun destroy you instead? Varying prices (depending on products chosen) at

Accompanying Gift Idea: Lollipops, since they are going to go through 30 of these a day. Also, a once a week phone call to ask how they’re doing. The answer will probably be “miserable” for the first year or so, but they’ll appreciate you for helping them to stick with it.

New Year’s Resolution: “This year I am finally going to start traveling.”

Ah, the ever-present resolution to visit the plazas of Rome and the islands of Greece all while staring at a screen saver depicting a generic tropical sunset. For someone who’s almost ready to hit the “purchase tickets’ button on Priceline, pick up a skincare regimen they can take with them. Lierac Paris offers a set of travel minis, all of which are approval size for air travel (3.4 oz or less). The set contains Eau de Soin Cleansing Water, Cohérence Intensive Lift Sérum, and Creams for both day and night. $28 at CVS and some select Duane Reade stores

Accompanying Gift Idea: A travel guide to the location of their choosing, a camera (or digital camera, if you’ve got the funds) and maybe a set of luggage tags. (For the lovable traveling smartass, pick up the tags showcased above at

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