A High Rise With a Smooth Landing

Weed. Pot. Marijuana. Dope. Bud. Mary Jane. Cannabis goes by many names and strains. As an elder millennial with proudly pristine lungs (unless you count sitting in the “Smoking” section at restaurants as a child), I was never interested in smoking pot, regardless of the paper, cigar, bowl, or pipe vehicle that delivered it, and dreaded the skunk scent that accompanied parties or entirely enveloped some people’s very being. So, when it came to recreational diversions, I stuck to tried-and-true alcohol. Then, in my early 30s, a niche product became a household term: weed gummies. After some trial and error, I discovered I enjoyed a low-dosage gummy when I wanted to unwind after a long day and get into bed mode without the excessive calories of alcohol. Still, a part of me missed the act of sipping on a beverage while I watched a movie or read a book. But then a new challenger entered the ring: High Rise seltzers.

Whether you’re feeling social or solo, you’re in for a good time.
Photo credit: Jonathan Boncek

The laid-back brainchild of Matt and Libiss Skinner, High Rise is a tribute to the healing potential of nature and a heartfelt homage to hemp, which was instrumental in helping Libiss overcome a personal health challenge. They decided to pay that relief forward by crafting hemp-derived cannabis beverages that brought their vision of wellness to life and helped inspire better everyday moments – with a splash of fun.

A veritable cornucopia of flavor-packed vibes in a can.

The thing that surprised me the most about High Rise’s seltzer lineup was how many different lifestyles and preferences it suited. Hate that fake, lab-engineered taste? These babies are non-GMO, feature no artificial flavors, and are packing real fruit! Trying to limit your alcohol intake or eschewing alcohol entirely? You can still sip on bubbly, alcohol-free refreshments. Is gluten your arch nemesis? Don’t worry, it can’t sit with us. Enjoying a meat-free or exclusively vegan diet? You won’t find any animal products or byproducts when you crack one of these open. There are even non-THC options, sans the euphoria, if that’s not your bag.

Now let’s talk about taste! I received a lineup that included four 5mg Delta-9, 10mg CBD seltzers – which came in various flavors, including pineapple, blueberry, grapefruit, and blood-orange and two 20mg CBD, 10 mg CBG seltzers – which came in lime and blackberry (which was unfortunately damaged in transit) – so I was able to enjoy a range of flavors and experiences. I was really pleased with the taste of each of these! The flavors rang true to what they were labeled as, which, for anyone who has been drawn in by spiked seltzers touting exciting flavors only to feel like you’re drinking battery-flavored static, was a welcome surprise. I was a little concerned that the grapefruit one may be overwhelmingly bitter, but it proved subtle and smooth. The carbonation of the seltzers was also well-balanced: not so strong that you feel like you’re enjoying some Pop Rocks and soda, but not so weak that it tastes flat.

Finally, we come to the main event… experience. While it’s important to note that, due to personal tolerance, preference, and intention, your mileage may vary, for me, enjoying one THC seltzer was a great way to take the edge off at the end of the day. I drank the can over the course of 30 minutes or so, allowing the effects to slowly build, rather than hit me all at once, and the euphoric feelings remained for a few hours afterward. There was no comedown after those few hours, just a slow re-sharpening of the senses, and absolutely no headache or ill feelings the next day! While the CBD- and CBG-based seltzer didn’t have a noticeable effect on me, I’ve never experienced the relaxation many others do through CBD products in general. I would still encourage you to try those if you’re looking for a non-THC option.

So, the next time you’re craving some mellow vibes with a side of tasty beverage, I highly recommend taking a trip to the High Rise.

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