Coffee is Always Good – Kahawa 183 Makes It Better

Kahawa 1893 was founded by a third generation coffee farmer from Kenya to celebrate the African origins of coffee, and to empower the women farmers who maintain the rich traditions of coffee cultivation. The story of coffee is an African story, and Kahawa means “coffee” in Swahili. The year 1893 marks the beginning of this brand’s journey to your coffee cup. While coffee’s origins harks back to ancient forests in Ethiopia, coffee traveled around the globe before it made its way back to Africa in 1893.

This brand’s founder has coffee in her DNA. Her grandfather was a driver for the colonial government and managed to get his hands on some seedlings to start his own coffee farm. Being raised in a community of coffee farmers, she witnessed the inequalities within the coffee industry and saw that women provided 90% of the labor, but didn’t own land. After she studied abroad in the USA, she returned home to Kenya with ideas on how to bring Kenyan coffee to the world in a way that benefits women farmers the most, so they can reap the rewards of their hard work.

Their 100% Arabica coffee is delectable, and coffee lovers will appreciate the quality of the beans. I tried the Safari Blend (medium roast) with notes of caramel and milk chocolate and the full-bodied Serengeti (dark roast) with notes of chocolate and molasses. The packaging is whimsical and lovely, and when the brand was presented on Shark Tank, Mark Cuban’s take on it was summed up in one word: “Brilliant.”.