Crowd-Pleasing Picks: Pretzelized Snacks and Gotham Greens Dips

Charcuterie board with dips and bags of chipsWhether you’ve been asked to bring a snack to a picnic, an office party, or a shindig at a friend’s house, the task can be quite daunting. After all, it’s not always easy to choose something that will be a crowd-pleaser or even a majority-of-the-crowd-pleaser. A good choice, though, can provide an elevated snacking experience and even kick off conversations. Standing around the kitchen noshing, chatting, and laughing is at the heart of lots of festive gatherings, making snacks that can be hand-held and dipped a good fit for parties—and the really good ones may just wind up as regulars in your own cupboard rotation!

Pretzelized crackers and pita chips on shelvesA Twist on Two Faves

The sheer anguish and turmoil caused by being forced to choose between crackers and pretzels may now be a thing of the past. Pretzelized offers a line of reconceived snacks combining pretzels with crackers or pita chips. The Pretzel Crackers, sold at Whole Foods and ShopRite, are a little bit larger than Cheez-Its. These airy, crunchy crackers come in a variety of flavors fit for impressing friends. For example, the Cheddar Pretzel Crackers are oven baked and have a distinctly cheesy flavor. This variety will likely be a hit with snackers who can’t get enough of cheesy-flavored treats, and for those who prefer something a little sweeter, the Honey Mustard Pretzel Crackers could hit the spot. 

Pretzelized Pretzel Pita Chips bagsThe Pretzel Pita Chips, available at Kroger, are a little larger than the crackers. This line offers something for heat lovers in the spiciness of the Buffalo Pretzel Pita Chips. In addition to the satisfying crunch, this variety certainly has a kick! The Everything Pita Chips have poppy seeds hinting at the taste of an everything bagel, and the subtleness of this flavor makes for an excellent pairing with cheese or charcuterie. The Sea Salt flavor is available in both the Pretzel Crackers and the Pita Chips, and both would be perfect for pairing with a zesty dip.

Containers of Gotham Greens dipsDipping Into Something New

You may already be familiar with Brooklyn-founded Gotham Greens for its lettuces, salad kits, and dressings. The eco-forward company has sustainable greenhouses located throughout the country including one in Gowanus on top of the Whole Foods Market. Conveniently, for your party-shopping needs, the company also has a line of dips that would be a welcome addition to any pitch-in. 

Gotham’s Green Harissa Dip is a take on the North African flavor. This plant-based dip has a bold taste that combines cilantro, parsley, jalapeño, and serrano, and at only 70 calories a serving is sure to be popular with guests. The dairy-free Spinach Artichoke Dip has a classic, familiar flavor, and would be tasty paired with vegetables. For a tangy appeal, the Tzatziki Dip integrates cucumber with a strong dill flavor, and the popular Green Goddess Dip is a bright, silky dip with tasty ingredients like basil, avocado, parsley, and almonds. 

Gotham Greens Dips are available at multiple locations in Manhattan including several Whole Foods stores. Once your crackers and dips are secured, we also have a list of beverage ideas that could ensure more party invitations for years to come. 

Amy Hamblen

After spending over a decade in New York, Amy Hamblen is still impressively bad at giving directions around the city. Fortunately, not knowing one's exact whereabouts creates the opportunity to stumble into new places, so what she lacks in navigational skills, she makes up for with an abundance of solid happy hour recommendations. Amy is originally from Indiana, and whether or not her years spent covering the food and entertainment scene in NYC has earned her a seat at the table may be debatable, but it's of little consequence — she much prefers a stool at the bar.