Date Night at Home with Wildfare & Eparé

My partner and I decided to stay in instead of going out for dinner or ordering Grubhub. We settled on a pasta dish with green olives, cherry sun-dried tomatoes, and a bottle of Lambrusco.

Sounds like a simple plan right? I opened up a bottle of the Wildfare’s Extra Virgin Oil which has a nozzle that makes it easier to pour freely into a pot of boiling water, and added my pasta. The extra virgin olive oil is my favorite ingredient to throw into any pasta dish because it instantly renders the pasta more fluffy and light. I let the pasta cook for 15 minutes until it was al dente, then opened the Wildfare’s glass jar of cherry tomatoes and green olives.

I mixed in extra virgin olive oil, green olives, and cherry sun-dried tomatoes, added butter, white onions, baby Bella mushrooms, black peppercorn, and pink Himalayan salt, using my Eparé Duo Grinder, which added the final touches to my dish and left me feeling fully sated by all of the earthy ingredients and traditional sun dried tomatoes.

I was impressed by the amazing packaging that features a lotus flower as a design element. In some cultures, the lotus flower is seen as a symbol of purity, spiritual enlightenment, and rebirth. Wildfare’s extra virgin oil exudes the same devotion to purity, since olives are pressed within three hours of picking to ensure quality.

Wildfare Extra Virgin Olive oil is made from the highest quality Ayvalik olives from the Aegean region. Subtle fruitiness, pungency, and delicate bitterness add to the hearty, durable textures of olive oil. It’s so tasty and adds the flavors of the Spanish oils.

Wildfare Olives with Orange offers beautifully brined olives that are stuffed with bright, zesty orange peel. They’re delicious as a snack, garnish, or added ingredient in any recipe. These olives impart a fresh quality can be combined with the sweet cherry tomatoes.

Wildfare Semi Sun Dried Cherry Tomatoes is a semi-sun-dried process that results in sweet, concentrated cherry tomatoes that literally burst in your mouth with gorgeously intense flavor. They are dried to perfection and blend into the pasta, absorbing the flavors of the olives, olive oil, and all of the ingredients.

I opted out of adding protein and kept it vegetarian. The green olives are a great substitute for meat but you can add fish or chicken, too. If you love the authentic tastes of olives with stuffed oranges, then you will love the dried cherry tomatoes as well. Add them to any pasta dish this holiday season!

Isis Swaby

Culture and Lifestyle Writer

Isis Swaby is a culture and lifestyle writer, artist, and DJ, as well as a native New Yorker. Isis's love for fashion and travel extends into food palettes of amazing world cuisines and spirits. Isis has traveled to Japan and to the tropics of Jamaica, and has completed art residencies with the InterCultural-ODYSSEYS Artist Residency in San Ramon, Costa Rica and the Chashama Studio Artist Residency in Harlem. Worked with brands as likes of Sonos, Apple Music, NTS Radio, Kangol, Redbull, Supreme and VP Records. Based in Brooklyn, NYC and Jersey City, NJ.