Drink These & Ring In the Canned Beverage Era!

Who has time for coupes and highballs? Ditch the fancy glassware and let’s celebrate the age of the canned drink!

Illicit Elixirs, which took on the market this past September, is ideal for the exclusive teetotaler, those looking to extend the benefits of Dry January, or simply for the imbiber seeking an occasional fizzy, nonalcoholic alternative. Each 12oz canned, ready-to-drink non-alcoholic beverage contains a proprietary blend of organic compounds, called Dopajoy, which promises to bring its brand of “happy hedonism” to any occasion necessitating it by delivering naturally occurring, dopamine-producing ingredients like L-Tyrosine, niacin (B3), ginseng, decaffeinated green tea extract, and antioxidant-rich natural fruit juices. Illicit Elixirs, which falls into a class of drinks called functional beverages, was even developed in partnership with a leading functional neurologist Dr. Chris Caffery, a leading figure in functional neurology.

With eye-catching, fun flavors like Watermelon-Lime Thirst Trap, Late Night Fruity Call, and Let’s Party Peaches, you’ll have no shortage of laughs and good times when sipping on a cold one of these. So, grab an Illicit Elixirs — anytime — to keep your dopamine levels elevated for long after you reach the bottom of the can.  

For those preferring more of an alcoholic kick, Tipsy Spritzers will do quite nicely. While we in the New York tri-state area might be missing boat weather, those further south and on the West Coast can still relish the joys of an al fresco cocktail on the go. If you’re in the market for a satisfying, moderately-alcoholized wine spritzer while navigating the outdoors (indoors works just fine, too) without an entire bar kit, look no further than this Charleston, SC-based brand. 

Don’t worry — these wine-based drinks share no similarity to throwbacks like Zima, that dastardly, high-fructose swill that came of age alongside dot-coms, choker necklaces, and The X-Files. Tipsy Spritzers contain all-natural, organic fruit juices, flavors, and wine topped with mineral water to create a drink that feels both refreshing and healthful going down. Sweetened with calorie-sparse monk fruit, dye- and preservative-free, and containing less than three grams of sugar per can, you can avoid the guaranteed hangover of other sugar-bombed to-go beverages. 

If you’ve ever hoped to experience the taste of ripe, freshly picked late-harvest fruit captured in a can with culinary precision metered out in every sip, then I’d implore you to turn to the architects at Hugo’s Cocktails.  These canned cocktails pack an exceptional punch of bold, all-natural fruit flavors, (the Ginger Fuji Apple Mule tastes like spiked applesauce for grown-ups; the Passion Fruit Habanero Margarita more than did its name justice, creating a harmonious union of sweet, tart, and heat). 

It’s no wonder that Hugo’s Cocktails’ flavor profiles hit the mark: the company’s founders, Cristian Molina and Zach Moore, are award-winning bartenders and NYC service industry veterans. In the chaos of COVID-19 government-mandated restaurant closures, the two developed a brand that began with Cristian — unemployed and eager to work — in his home kitchen and has grown ever since. 

Hugo’s Cocktails’ drinks boast all-natural ingredients, seasonal flavors, and locally sourced products when possible. They also pack a healthy kick of booze at 10 percent (about as much as a glass of white wine). So, put your juicer back in the kitchen and grab a pack of Hugo’s Cocktails instead (you can save your home bartending skills for another day).