Drinks of the Gods (In Other Words, Amazing Libations)

You love coffee, you love cacao, you love oat milk, and you love products with natural, organic, and high-quality ingredients. Well, read on, my friend. These brands will be your new go-to for slaking your thirst in the healthiest way.

RISE Nitro Brewing Co. coffee will enable you to shine any time of day with one of its four USDA organic options: no sugar Original Black, Classic Latte, Oat Milk Latte, and Oat Milk Mocha. These high quality coffees with purified water taste smooth and flavorful. Drink straight from the can, pour over ice, pour over ice cream, or add to smoothies. Non-GMO and vegan, its tagline “Fuel Your Mind” is spot on. Read more about this high-quality brand HERE.

RISE Organic Oat Milk is dairy free, USDA Organic, and incredibly delicious. Add some organic cinnamon and savor it over ice or alone, or pour it over cereal, and definitely add it to your coffee (and tea). There are no gums or binders in this exquisite oat milk – simply 4 ingredients: organic oats, sunflowers, salt and water. Does that sound like liquid summer, or what? It’s also non-GMO, vegan, and low sodium. Based right here in NYC and hailing from the 10002 zip code, please do follow @risebrewingco and read more at https://www.risebrewingco.com. .

Xoca (pronounced sho-ka) is a Cacao Fruit Soda that comes in three flavors: Ginger (“Give in to our simply salutary”), Mint (“Chill out with our simply salubrious”), and Nada (“Praise be to our simply superior”). Providing natural energy with caffeine’s kinder cousin, theobromine, and full of nutrients such as vitamins B1, B3, and organic acids for antioxidant goodness and digestive health. These sodas are comprised of sparkling water, reduced cacao fruit juice and then either: mint – organic spearmint and organic peppermint, or ginger – organic bourbon vanilla, organic ginger, organic cassia, and organic clove, and nada – just sparkling water and reduced cacao fruit juice. Discover more at drinkxoca.com. Crack open a can of summer. These naturally fermented, prebiotic sodas are crafted with pure Ecuadorian cacao fruit juice and deliver great taste with health benefits.

Drink to and, more importantly, for your health.