Enjoy a Beautiful and Profound Teatime Experience

Is that a flower blossom in my teacup? Yes, indeed! Brewing a cup of tea transforms into an esthetically pleasing ritual, courtesy of Numi’s Flowering Tea Set featuring organic tea leaves hand-sewn around flowers. The result? An eye-catching flower show unravels during the steeping process. Choose from three flowering tea kits.

Because “anytime is teatime” I use my VelociTEA maker to brew the perfect cup of tea quickly and easily from dawn until dusk. I simply load the infuser basket with tea leaves and select the proper tea variety button to steep tea leaves at the ideal temperature for the correct amount of time. Visit this YouTube demonstration to view the VelociTEA maker in action.

It’s a cloudy day and I’m channeling sunshine with a little help from Peach Bellini Tea, one of Adagio’s Mocktail Teas. Peach Bellini tastes like ripe summer fruit–peaches, strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, and papaya. Served hot or iced, its delicate, fruity flavor serves as a refreshing option on days when a tasty, non-caffeinated beverage is one’s preference.

Rachelle Nones

Lifestyle Writer

Rachelle is a multimedia lifestyle writer reporting on lifestyle trends, products and services, ranging from fashion and beauty to food, wellness, fitness, travel, pet products, entertainment, and home decor. She completed coursework in creative writing and English literature while earning her Bachelor of Arts degree. Rachelle loves to travel throughout the United States and has visited 20 states to date, with plans to visit as many as possible!